If you are bored, don’t watch us!

French coach Didier Deschamps responded For the French national teamsarcastically to a journalist who asked him about the “boring” football that the Roosters have shown in the Euro Championship so far, indicating that his country will face the best team in the European Nations Cup Euro 2024.

The French team will meet its Spanish counterpart in the semi-finals. Euro 2024On Tuesday evening, at the Allianz Arena, as part of the Euro 2024 semi-final matches.

In a press conference on the eve of the match in Munich, coach Deschamps praised the team led by Luis de la Fuente, noting that La Roja has a good midfield which is the key to their victories.

“Spain always have the ability to have a good midfield, Pedri is not there (due to injury), but they have the ability to help their team control the game, and that makes them a difficult team, especially Rodri, he is the pivot of Spain; they were the team that performed best in the Euros, that is the impression I got,” Deschamps said at the start of his press conference.

Deschamps warns of Lamine Yamal and Nico Williams

He also spoke about how France can stop Spain’s wingers, Lamine Yamal and Neco Williams: “If they have the ball, we have to try to stop them and force them not to receive.”

France and Spain

“We can also limit their attacking capabilities, they have great quality and physical strength. They give Spain extra capabilities,” added coach Deschamps.

If you get bored.. change the channel!

Furthermore, he was asked about the impression among some fans that France play boring football, and he joked with the journalist before giving his opinion on his team’s style.

The French coach replied: “Where are you from? Swedish? Could it be a Frenchman disguised as a Swede? “If you get bored, change the channel and watch another game; you don’t have to watch these games, nothing will happen. It’s the European Cup, a tough tournament for everyone. It’s happened to us in previous editions… But we are able to make a lot of French people happy, there have been periods in our country when we have had tough times, but I’m sorry if football is boring in Sweden, it makes me feel bad.”

Will Mbappe miss the France-Spain match?

Regarding Kylian Mbappe’s level after he had a volatile tournament and suffered a broken nose that forced him to play with a mask, he said that the player real madrid The new guy is not 100% physically ready.

“We wanted him to rest as much as possible, we would have liked that; I am convinced that he is in a good state of mind. He has nothing to do, in the last match he had a back problem, a mask problem and a nose injury… He could have left the tournament but he is still with us,” the French coach concluded.

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