I will not leave.. Algerian Alexandre Okidja denies French news

Algerian international goalkeeper Alexandre Okidja, the star of the French club Metz, responded to the news about his departure from the team during the current summer transfer period, after the French media was full during the past hours of news linking the Algerian goalkeeper to a move to one of the second division clubs in France.

Okidja was relegated to the French second division at the conclusion of the 2023-24 season, after losing in the match to avoid relegation against Saint-Etienne (the promotion match to Ligue 1 for the last club), where it lost the first leg with two goals to one and tied in the second leg with two goals for the same.

And he plays Algerian goalkeeper With Metz since July 2018, he is still under contract with them until the summer of 2025. The former Strasbourg club goalkeeper has participated with Metz since joining them in 195 matches in various competitions, during which he conceded 217 goals, while maintaining cleanliness. He conceded in 64 matches.

Alexandre Okidja denies news of his departure from French club Metz

The Algerian goalkeeper expressed his dissatisfaction with the news that circulated in… French media During the past hours, there was talk about the possibility of him leaving the Metz club and joining the ranks of the Bastia club, which is also active in the French second division, and this news came from the newspaper “Le Republican Laurent“French, specialized in following up on club Metz news.

Alexander Okidja (36 years old) said in a “story” posted on his official Instagram account in response to that news: “I was very surprised by the news that was published this morning (on Thursday, June 20), because it was completely false.” He added: “Basetta Club did not completely inquire about my contractual status.”

He added: “I regret that the newspaper”Le Republican Laurent“She did not bother to contact my agent or me personally to verify the validity of this information,” before stressing: “I am under contract with Metz for another season, and I am at the club’s disposal as I have always been for six years.”

The Algerian goalkeeper’s clarification of his position on this news comes to confirm his commitment to the Metz club, contractually and morally, as Okidja refuses to leave at a time when the team has been relegated to the second division, as he prefers to fight with him next season in order to quickly return to the first division, instead of escaping from his current situation. In “League 2”, which is frustrating for its fans.

Okidja seeks to return to the Algerian national team

Analysts believe that goalkeeper Okidja’s intention to stay with Metz falls within his strategy to return to the Algerian national team in the coming period, after he announced this publicly while anticipating any step in this direction by the Algerian national team’s coach, Vladimir Petkovic, especially in light of the problem. The haunting goalkeepers of the Warriors.

Alexander Okidja is close to returning to the Algerian national team

Alexandre Okidja favors the idea of ​​staying in Metz to maintain his starting position and participate regularly, to facilitate his return to the Algerian national team, instead of moving to another team and facing the risk of not playing a starting role, and thus reducing his chances of returning to the ranks of the “Desert Warriors”, especially since the next camp will be in September. September, a few weeks after the start of the new season in League 2.

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