Hussein El Shahat misses first session in his case with El Shibi

Today, Tuesday, the first session of the appeal of Hussein El Shahat, the club’s player, was held. Al-AhlyOn the ruling issued against him to imprison him for one year with a suspended sentence, for his accusation of assaulting and beating the Moroccan Mohamed Chibi, a player for the club Pyramids.

Mohamed El-Sheeb received a one-year suspended prison sentence against Hussein El-Shahat, in addition to a fine of up to 100,000 pounds, and a ban on membership in any sports body for 5 years.

Nasr City Court postpones Hussein El Shahat’s appeal

The Nasr City Misdemeanor Appeals Court, held in the Fifth Settlement, decided to postpone the ruling in the appeal of Al-Ahly star Al-Shahat against the one-year suspended prison sentence, on charges of assaulting Mohamed El-Sheeb, until the July 30th session for the ruling.

The session witnessed the absence of Al-Ahly player Hussein El-Shahat from attending the first session of his appeal in the case. The Shibe.

After the ruling in the El-Shahat case, what is his position on participating with Al-Ahly? (winwin) Won Won

The crisis between Mohamed El-Sheeb and Hussein El-Shahat began after the match between Pyramids and Al-Ahly in the Egyptian Premier League last season, after a quarrel broke out between the two.

Mohamed El-Sheeby accused El-Shahat of bullying, beating, cursing, slander, insulting and terrorizing, in addition to threatening physical harm, all of which resulted in psychological and physical harm after videos of the slapping incident were posted on various social media sites.

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