Hussein Ammouta’s surprises continue…and Jordanian football fans are shocked!

Moroccan Hussein Ammouta, the former coach of the Jordanian national team, is expected to arrive in Dubai today, Saturday, to complete the official contracting procedures to take over the leadership of the Al-Jazira team.

And it was win winAt the forefront of the sites that confirmed that Amouta is on his way to coaching the Al-Jazeera team, after the Jordanian Football Association announced the termination of his contract by mutual consent, despite the fact that he was proceeding with the Al-Nashama team in an ideal manner, as he achieved runner-up status in the last Asian Cup for the first time in the history of Jordanian football.

Immediately after Amouta’s departure, the Jordanian Federation announced the signing of his compatriot Jamal Salami to supervise the training of the Al-Nashama team in the decisive and qualifying round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, as the draw placed it in Group Two, along with the teams of South Korea, Palestine, Iraq, Kuwait and the Sultanate of Oman.

Shock for Jordanian football fans

Despite the initial shock experienced by Jordanian football fans with the departure of Amouta, as they were hoping to complete his career, especially since his contract with the Jordanian Federation was supposed to extend for three years, but he only spent 11 months of it, they quickly recovered from this shock, after confirming that special and compelling circumstances were what forced Amouta to terminate the contract, and that these circumstances required him to return and stay in Morocco.

After that, rumors spread that Hussein Ammouta was on his way to coach Wydad and then the Royal Army, and some Jordanian, Moroccan and Arab news websites accepted these rumors, and there were those who confirmed that everything that was being said about that was not true, because Ammouta had agreed for some time to coach Al-Jazira of the Emirates.

Jordanian football fans are once again in shock, after it became clear to them that Amouta will not stay in Morocco, but will head to Dubai to coach the Al-Jazeera team. Here, the fans began to doubt the truth of all the stories that were being said that the former coach had special circumstances that forced him to resign from coaching the Al-Nashama, in order to stay in Morocco.

Jamal Salami

The Jordanian Federation, in the press conference held to introduce the new coach, Jamal Salami, confirmed, through its Secretary-General, Samar Nassar, that the Federation exempted Amouta from paying any penalty clause after terminating his contract, in appreciation of what he achieved with The national team.

Hussein Ammouta is preparing to start his journey with Al-Jazeera

Amouta is expected to sign his contract tomorrow to coach Al Jazira, as the preparation journey will begin through a camp that will be held in Spain.

Hussein Ammouta is a gain for any team he supervises training, as he has proven that he is a great coach after he made good use of the capabilities of the players of the Al-Nashama team, and led them to the runner-up position in the Asian Cup, and then to secure the top spot in their group in the second round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

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