How will Mohamed Salah’s role be affected by the new Liverpool coach?

Arne Slott has confirmed that he will be Liverpool’s new coach, as the Feyenoord coach will take over from Jurgen Klopp after the end of the current season, while the Reds have not yet officially announced this move.

According to reliable journalist in the transfer market news, Fabrizio Romano, a work permit is still pending for his coaching staff and an official announcement will be made by Reds At the time of his choosing.

The Dutch coach was heavily linked with a move to Tottenham last year, but he is landing on Liverpool, which paid £9.4 million in compensation to Feyenoord in order to obtain his services.

Arne Sloat’s name has become famous in European football over the past 18 months, after he led Feyenoord to the Eredivisie title in the 2022-23 season, only the Dutch team’s second in 20 years, losing only two matches that season.

In the current season, the young coach succeeded in leading the club to win the Dutch Cup, and his team is scheduled to finish second in the league behind leaders PSV Eindhoven.

Slott’s coaching staff has yet to be confirmed, but it is expected to include his assistant Sepke Hulchov and Feyenoord’s current head of performance, Robin Peters, and analyst and technical advisor Etienne Reinen is also expected to head to Anfield alongside Slott.

The philosophy of the new Liverpool coach

The preferred method for the new Liverpool coach, Slot, is 4-2-3-1, with two pivots, two wingers, a number 10 player, and an outright striker.

What is clear about the 45-year-old coach’s philosophy is that he is obsessed with possession and Pep Guardiola’s style, as he previously said in statements: “I do not want to compare myself to Pep at all, but he is a control freak just like me.”

It came to the point that Slot criticized Jose Mourinho’s style, and he announced this openly before the confrontation between him and Roma. He said: “His style of football achieves results, but I prefer to watch Manchester City and Napoli. I am very honest about that.”

Arne Slott is the new Liverpool coach

When you watch Slott’s style with Feyenoord, you can see similarities to Guardiola and De Zerbe’s style, especially in the build-up, where he asks the defenders to prepare attacks from the back and play short passes to the midfield pairing.

Through a “deep build-up” process, Liverpool’s new coach asks the team’s goalkeeper to play short passes to build through the thirds, and Feyenoord often dominate the ball (61%), bettered in the Eredivisie only by PSV Eindhoven.

There are similarities between him and Jurgen Klopp’s style of forward pressing and reverse pressing, and Slot’s Feyenoord team is among the best teams in Europe’s top seven leagues in terms of winning the ball back in the final third and scoring goals after winning the ball in the last 40 meters. Pitch.

How will Mohamed Salah be affected by Arne Sloat’s philosophy?

Given Slot’s style and philosophy, which is based on possession and passing without the need for direct play, or as he himself called passive play, this may affect Liverpool’s character and Mohamed Salah’s advantage with Jurgen Klopp.

Klopp plays to advantage Mohamed Salah In quick counterattacks, it is the best team in Europe and in the English Premier League since the arrival of Salah in 2017 in quick attacks and scoring from them.

On the contrary, Feyenoord, with Slot, has been very weak in the last two seasons in terms of counterattacks and blitzes. While Jurgen Klopp often asks Alisson to play long, fast balls to Salah in space, Slott asks the goalkeepers to build attacks with short passes.

The picture above shows the difference in Liverpool’s methodology that Klopp built in counterattacks, and a clear and severe decline for Feyenoord in this advantage that the Reds mastered with Klopp and Salah.

The new Liverpool coach’s 4-2-3-1 playing style will not suit Mohamed Salah as a winger; It requires the winger to play in larger spaces, return to spaces, catch the ball, and run with it more.

Salah was more comfortable in Jurgen Klopp’s preferred 4-3-3 system, as it relieves him of the defensive workload.

There is an idea circulating that Slot might change Mohamed Salah’s position to make him play in the number 10 position behind the striker. This position does not serve Salah’s speed and desire to play as he comes “face” to the opponent, and this is what happened in the Egyptian national team, when he often entered behind. Striker Mustafa Mohamed had much less offensive impact.

As Salah’s career progressed, we saw him naturally drift into the midfield position, but in a different way to his previous direct starts behind the centre-backs. Perhaps the best example of this style is Liverpool’s 1-0 away win over Atalanta in the second leg of the Europa League quarter-finals.

Egyptian Mohamed Salah, the star of the English Liverpool club, One Win Winwin

Recently we have seen Salah frequently drop into midfield to try to contribute to the attacking build-up, but he does so freely without restriction. Mohamed Salah’s ability to carry and run with the ball has also diminished in recent matches, as his strength lies in the final attacking third.

If Salah transitions into that role under Slott, it is expected that Liverpool will need to be in the market for a new right winger. Liverpool’s name has already been linked with players such as Yohan Bakayoko, Mohamed Kudous and Jarrod Bowen.

The contracts of Mohamed Salah, Virgil van Dijk and Trent Alexander-Arnold will expire at the end of the 2024-2025 season, with decisions having to be made this summer, and with the coach’s new philosophy, Salah may leave for the Saudi League or his role and thus his offensive productivity will be affected.

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