How to listen to articles in Safari on iPhone and iPad

She added Camel A new feature to the Safari browser in the operating system iOS 17 It’s called Listen to Page, and it’s a feature that allows you to listen to articles on the go, making it easier to find time to read web content.

This feature is useful for many groups, most notably: the visually impaired who cannot read the content of web pages, and people who do not find enough time to read educational, cultural, or articles related to their field of work, as this feature allows them to listen to these articles while moving or doing a task. Other.

Below, we will explain how to use this feature on phones iPhoneAnd devices IPAD:

How to use the Listen to Page feature in Safari:

To be able to use the Listen to Page feature in a browser Safari On your iPhone or iPad, the website where you want to read articles must be compatible with Reader View. To verify that a web page supports Reader View, look for a document-shaped icon that appears on the left side of the address bar when the web page loads.

Topics related to what you are reading now:

If this icon appears, you can follow these steps to use the Listen to Page feature:

  1. Go to the article you want to listen to.
  2. Click the Aa icon in the address bar, then click the Listen to Page option from the pop-up menu.
  3. Siri will start reading the article, and a speaker icon will appear in the address bar.
  4. Click the speaker icon, then choose Listening Controls from the pop-up menu to access audio control options.
  5. Using the Volume Control window, you can pause playback, move to the next sentence, or return to the previous sentence, change the reading speed, and end your listening session.

If you’re listening to the article from an iPhone, you’ll notice that audio controls appear on the lock screen, making it easy to pause and restart a track and control the volume.

There is another way to activate the Listen to Page feature, as you can ask the voice assistant (Siri) Siri Read the article by simply opening a web page that supports Reader View. To do this, simply say: Hey Siri, read this or Hey Siri, I want to listen to this page. Once Siri starts reading, you can access and use the audio controls in the manner we mentioned earlier.

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