How many times has the Netherlands won the European Cup?

When mentioning beautiful and enjoyable football, the first thing that comes to mind is the Dutch national team, with its long history and unforgettable levels in the European Nations Cup as well as the World Cup.

Total Football is synonymous with the Netherlands, which produced legends such as Johan Cruyff, Marco van Basten, Arjen Robben and others, and every match of the Windmills in the Euro or World Cup is engraved in the memory of football lovers and fans.

How many times has France won the European Championship throughout history?

Below we will learn together how many times the Netherlands has won the European Nations Cup throughout history, what is the Dutch national team’s ranking among the teams that have won the Euro the most, and more details.

How many times has the Netherlands won the European Cup throughout history?

The Netherlands have only won the European Nations Cup once, in 1988 with a historic generation that included many football legends, most notably top scorer Marco van Basten, Ruud Gullit, Ronald Koeman and Frank Rijkaard.

The Orange team won the title in the edition held in Germany after winning the final match against the Soviet Union thanks to a brace from Gullit and Van Basten.

The Dutch national team has never qualified for the final before or since, and it is the only official tournament in the history of the Windmills, despite the successive legendary generations in the Low Countries.

Where does the Netherlands rank in the list of most Euro wins?

The Netherlands is one of seven teams to have won the European Championship once, along with Greece, the Soviet Union, Portugal, Denmark, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Spain and Germany remain the most successful teams in the Euros, having each won the title 3 times.

European Championship winning teams throughout history

Arrangement The team Hero The runner-up
=1 Germany 3 (1972، 1980، 1996) 3 (1976، 1992، 2008)
=1 Spain 3 (1964، 2008، 2012) 1(1984)
=3 Italy 2 (1968، 2020) 2(2000، 2012)
=3 France 2(1984، 2000) 1(2016)
=5 Russia 1(1960) 3(1964، 1972، 1988)
=5 Czech Republic 1(1976) 1(1996)
=5 Portugal 1(2016) 1(2004)
=5 Holland 1(1988)
=5 Denmark 1(1992)
=5 Greece 1(2004)

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