How many times has France won the European Championship throughout history?

France have always been one of the main contenders and favourites to win titles, being one of only two teams to have won the World Cup, the Nations League and the Euros, along with Spain.

The French national team usually has a group of the best players in the world, which always puts it on the list of candidates for any tournament in which it competes.

How many times has France won the European Nations Cup throughout history? In this report, we review the French national team’s titles in the Euro and more.

How many times has France won the European Championship in history?

France have won the European Championship twice in history, in addition to reaching the final once and losing the title.

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The French national team’s first title was in Euro 1984, and this version was famous for the French star Michel Platini, who scored 9 goals during the team’s journey in the tournament.

France won their second Euro 2000 title at the expense of Italy, after turning the tables and turning a 1-0 deficit into a 2-1 victory, after equalizing in the last minute of the match and scoring the golden goal in the first extra time.

Where does France rank in the list of most Euro wins?

With two Euro titles, France are third on the list of most successful teams in the tournament, tied with Italy.

The teams that have won the European Nations Cup the most times throughout history are Germany and Spain, as each team celebrated winning the title on 3 previous occasions.

European Championship winning teams throughout history

Arrangement The team Hero The runner-up
=1 Germany 3 (1972، 1980، 1996) 3 (1976، 1992، 2008)
=1 Spain 3 (1964، 2008، 2012) 1(1984)
=3 Italy 2 (1968، 2020) 2(2000، 2012)
=3 France 2(1984، 2000) 1(2016)
=5 Russia 1(1960) 3(1964، 1972، 1988)
=5 Czech Republic 1(1976) 1(1996)
=5 Portugal 1(2016) 1(2004)
=5 Holland 1(1988)
=5 Denmark 1(1992)
=5 Greece 1(2004)

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