How many penalties has Ronaldo missed in his career?

Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo missed a penalty kick in his country’s match against Slovenia, Monday, July 1, in the round of 16 of the 2024 European Nations Cup, so fans began to wonder: How many penalty kicks has Ronaldo missed in his career so far?

The match took place at the Eintracht Frankfurt stadium in front of a large crowd, and with the whistle of the Italian referee Daniele Orsato, and ended with Portugal winning 3-0 on penalties, after a goalless draw in regular and extra time.

Portugal, the one-time champions, will face France in the quarter-finals on Friday, July 5, at the Volksparken Stadion, in a classic European encounter, as Les Bleus seek revenge for their loss to Portugal in the 2016 final.

Ronaldo missed a penalty kick in the 105th minute, after Slovenian goalkeeper Jan Oblak brilliantly saved it. Before the Madeira Rocket made up for it in the penalty shootout when he scored the first kick and paved the way for the victory of the Navigators, whose goalkeeper Diogo Costa excelled and stopped all of Slovenia’s kicks.

Ronaldo and bad luck in Euro 2024

Ronaldo had a lot of bad luck in Euro 2024He shot 20 times, but has not managed to score in 4 matches so far.

But the strange thing is that this is the first penalty kick that goalkeeper Oblak has stopped in about two and a half years, as the last penalty kick that the Atletico Madrid goalkeeper saved dates back to the beginning of 2022, and in contrast, this is the first penalty kick that Ronaldo has missed since February 2022.

Ronaldo shed tears after missing the penalty kick and continued crying for 4 minutes, but he made up for it and achieved what he wanted in the end with Portugal’s victory. Now we will review in the following lines how many penalty kicks Ronaldo missed in his professional career.

How many penalties has Ronaldo missed in his career so far?

How many penalties has Ronaldo missed? The Portuguese star has missed 30 penalties in his professional career so far, but this number is small compared to the penalties he has scored. In total, he has Madeira missile To 193 penalty kicks, and he was able to put 163 of them into the net.

  • 193 penalties in total
  • 163 kicks scored
  • 30 wasted kicks

Now that we know how many penalties Ronaldo has missed in his professional career, we will show you which team has scored the most penalties for.

Portugal vs Slovenia match

Which team has Ronaldo scored the most penalties against?

Real Madrid is the team with which Ronaldo has scored the most penalties, with 79 kicks, while Al-Nassr is the most successful team in Ronaldo’s career in terms of converting penalty kicks, as it has taken 14 kicks and scored all of them.

the team scored kick wasted kick
real madrid 79 13
Juventus 29 5
Portugal national team 20 8
Manchester United 21 4
Victory 14 0
Total 163 30

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