How did past differences affect Omar Kamal’s future with the Egyptian national team?

Hossam Hassan, the technical director, revealed For the Egyptian national team First Football Club announced its list to face Burkina Faso and Guinea Bissau, in the third and fourth rounds of the African qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup in America, Canada and Mexico, amid the controversial absence of star Omar Kamal.

The Egyptian national team will host its Burkinabé counterpart on Thursday, June 6, and will travel to face Guinea-Bissau on the 10th of the same month, hoping to take an additional step towards qualifying for the World Cup, after winning the first two rounds over Djibouti and Sierra Leone.

The list included the presence of 25 players, led by Liverpool’s English winger Mohamed Salah, who missed the camp for the last international break in March, while Ahmed Hegazy and Omar Marmoush were absent due to injury.

The list also included Ahmed Amin Ova, the Enppi club striker, and Nasser Maher, the playmaker for the Zamalek team, for the first time, while it witnessed the absence of several prominent names.

Since the announcement of the list, the Egyptian public began circulating several names, expressing their surprise at not being included in the list, and one of the most prominent of those names is Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed, the Al-Ahly club player.

Omar Kamal, despite his brilliance with Modern Future before joining Al-Ahly and then representing “Red Castle”, did not appear on Hossam Hassan’s list for the March camp for the Egyptian Administrative Capital Cup, but what about that period from the month of April until the date of announcing the list for the next international break. What did Abdul Wahid offer?

What did Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed offer?

Because he was not registered on the list Al-Ahly After participating in the Confederation Cup with Modern Future, Omar’s participation with his new team was limited to the local league championship only.

Since the beginning of last April, Omar Kamal has played 6 matches with Al-Ahly, 5 as a starter and one as a substitute, for a total of 463 minutes, and he only participated in one match, which was against Al-Ismaily.

During 6 matches, he played Al-Ahly star He played the right-back position in two matches, the left-back position, which is not his primary position, in 3 matches. He also participated in the right-wing position in a match against Zamalek, which ended with his team’s defeat by two goals to one.

During that period, Omar Kamal was able to score two goals and an assist as well, with a goal and an assist in the Al-Ittihad and Mahalla Municipality matches, even though that last match the player participated in in only 13 minutes. Abdul Wahed also contributed to his team’s clean sheets in two matches, against ZF. C and El Gouna.

In addition to his good numbers at the level of scoring and making, according to the “Sofascore” network, he is the highest rated Al-Ahly player this season with a rating of 7.55. He also has an important advantage, which is that he is a player that we can call “the Joker”, due to his ability to play in more than one position on the field, and he is Something that most coaches will admire, with the exception of Hossam Hassan perhaps.

Looking numerically at the goalscoring contributions of the players in the full-back positions on the national team’s roster, we find that Mohamed Hamdi, who played in the left-back position this season in 30 matches in various competitions with his team, Pyramids, was only able to score 3 goals, including an orphan scoring contribution during the period from last. Team camp until the present time.

By ignoring Ahmed Fattouh, who has been the main left-back for the national team since the beginning of the current decade, we go to Mohamed Hani, the only right-back on Hossam Hassan’s list. He scored a goal and assisted 3 others in 33 matches this season in various competitions.

Hossam Hassan preferred to appoint Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, defender of Ceramica Cleopatra, to be the replacement for Mohamed Hani in the right-back position during the upcoming international break.

Omar Kamal was close to retiring because of Hossam Hassan!

Hossam Hassan and his brother Ibrahim, the national team manager, have not yet revealed the reason for excluding Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed, but it can be concluded that it is not a technical decision and the reason is due to the duo’s presence in the Al-Masry team of Port Said.

With Hossam Hassan in the 2017-2018 season, Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed participated in only 4 matches under the leadership of Hossam Hassan out of 17 matches, for a total of only 165 minutes. He even included him to play one minute in the second round match in the league championship against Petrojet, and excluded him from the list. In 10 matches.

The crisis was that the “Dean” asked the player to participate in the right-back position, while Omar was participating as a right winger. The dispute between the two intensified. Hossam Hassan left, and Omar Kamal continued with Al-Masry, then Future, and from there to Al-Ahly.

Hossam Hassan, coach of the Egyptian national football team (Getty) One Win winwin

Omar Kamal spoke tearfully a few months ago about his time with Al-Masry during Hossam Hassan’s training period in statements to the ON TIME SPORTS channel. He explained, saying: “With my respect for him, I could not adapt to his private training school. An argument occurred between me and him. The reason is that I was not good at playing in the position.” The right-back got angry with me and told me that he expected me to be good at playing in that position. Then I was excluded from the team list, and I asked to leave on loan.”

He continued: “I lived through a difficult period in Al-Masry. I was close to retiring from football. I was not receiving my dues from Al-Masry. I was put on a waiting list during that period. There was a worker in the team’s locker room who took care of my expenses and food.”

He added: “I requested to include me, but Hossam Hassan refused my departure. There were major problems during that period. He told me that he would not play me in any of the matches.” He continued: “I was not receiving any dues. Almost all of my dues were deducted. It was the most difficult period.” In my life, until Ihab Jalal came, then my situation changed.”

Hossam Hassan responded to Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed’s statements during that period, saying: “He was sad because I hired him as a right-back, and then he played in that position with his team and the national team, so my vision was correct!”

He added: “His father Tarjani, in order to include his son in the team from a team playing in the second division, hired him in the position through which he became a star! Al-Ahly does not need Omar Kamal. Mohamed Hani has better capabilities than him, and he is also younger than him in age.”

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