“Hot ovens” are the secret of the German national team’s strength in the 2024 European Cup

The German national team is performing at good levels during its participation in the 2024 European Cup at home and among its fans, by achieving two victories against Scotland and Hungary, in its first two matches in the group stage.

The “Manschaft” team is at the top of its first group with 6 points, and was the first to qualify directly to the round of 16 in the current version of the Euro, after defeating Hungary in its second match with a score of (2-0).

You can play German national team By scoring 7 goals, while conceding only one goal in the two matches against Scotland and Hungary respectively, the “Manschaft” team, under the leadership of its young coach, Julian Nagelsmann, announced that it is one of the strongest candidates to win the current edition of the European Nations Cup.

The secret behind the brilliance of the German national team in the European Cup 2024 on its soil

A newspaper was publishedBild“The German newspaper published an interesting report, in which it revealed one of the secrets and factors that helped the German national team players achieve good results so far, when participating in the 2024 European Cup on their home soil and among their fans.

The German newspaper said that the “Manschaft” players place an oven on the edge of the training field, in order to improve their performance during exercises, as well as in the matches that they play within the framework of the training field. Euro 2024.

She explained that the German national team stars heat their shoes in the oven for 3 minutes, up to 80 degrees Celsius for shoes made of artificial leather, while the process takes 5 minutes for those made of natural leather.

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This process helps players soften their shoes and stretch the skin, which protects them from skin injuries to their feet and allows them to play more comfortably.

The stars of the German national team are not the only ones who use these ovens, but the players of the German clubs Borussia Dortmund and Leipzig are also fans of them, according to the same source.

It is worth noting that the German national team is seeking to win the 2024 European Cup title on its home soil and among its fans, so that it holds the record for the number of crowns in the competition, which it currently shares with the Spanish national team, as the two teams were crowned on 3 previous occasions, and the “Manschaft” team achieved these titles in 1972 and 1980. and 1996, respectively.

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