Hossam Hassan praises the performance of the Egyptian players despite the draw with Guinea Bissau

The Egyptian coach, Hossam Hassan, praised the coach Egypt national team, with the performance of the Pharaohs players, despite the draw with Guinea Bissau in the African qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup finals; Confirming that there was a penalty kick that was not awarded to the Egyptian team.

The Egyptian national team escaped defeat Guinea Bissau It tied positively (1-1), in the match that was held at the “September 24 Stadium”, within the fourth round matches for the first group of the African continent’s qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup finals in America, Canada and Mexico.

Hossam Hassan said in statements on the channel:ON TIME SPORTSAl Masrya: “I am proud of the players and happy with them, from Mohamed Salah to the youngest player, Ibrahim Adel. All the players were truly men, and even the players who sat on the bench. I would like to say that it is time for the Egyptian fans to be proud that they have a team at the highest level.”

When asked about what changed in the Egyptian team between the first and second half, the Pharaohs coach replied: “We started the match well, and we were the superior team in the match. We had a large percentage of possession in the match.”

The Pharaohs coach added, directing his comments to his critics: “Since when have we not seen the national team possess the ball outside its home field?! Even when we were players, it was difficult to become the best team outside your home stadium in Africa. We face teams that have professionals abroad whose bodies are unnatural.”

Hossam Hassan continued: “It is normal in these matches that there is a decline and rise in level. We are not facing ourselves. I feel that there is criticism just for the sake of criticism. We always try to act in the matches and the changes bear fruit.”

Hossam Hassan: Skeptics fear the success of the Egyptian national team!

The Pharaohs coach elaborated: “Even in boxing matches, the world champion sometimes receives punches and punches his opponent. No one always excels. We are not just playing with ourselves. In the last match against Burkina Faso, we excelled in the match, but we saw what he did.” The referee?! There were errors that could have changed the result, and today we deserve a penalty kick, and a foul should have been called before the first goal.”

Hossam Hassan continued: “Some criticize for the sake of criticism, but we do not listen to destructive criticism, as they have not explained what we did against Burkina Faso in the first place until now, so we can start talking about the meeting with Guinea-Bissau.”

Egypt national team's match against Guinea Bissau in the World Cup qualifiers

He continued: “I am very happy. For a long time, the Egyptian national team has not shown this performance outside its stadium. The players were at the peak of their concentration. I was in the match between halftime and reassured the players and made changes by introducing Zizou and the participation of Emam Ashour. I left the match happy with the performance and we achieved a positive result.” .

He explained: “Before the Burkina match, I had in mind that we would achieve a positive result, and if we do not win, we will draw. When was the last time we won the Nations of Africa?! Or do we reach the World Cup continuously? We must know where we were and how we are now. People must understand Where was the team and where is it now?

The Egyptian national team’s all-time leading scorer concluded his statements by saying: “I am happy with the performance and happy with the players. I do not listen to anyone, and my message to anyone who doubts is that they are afraid of the national team’s success.”

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