Hossam Hassan is a fighter and we will not develop a plan to stop Salah

Mohamed Kofi, elected manager, spoke Burkina FasoAbout the match that will bring his country together with the Egyptian national team, in the African qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

The Burkina Faso national team is a guest Egypt national team Thursday evening, June 6, at Cairo Stadium, in the third round of qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup for the continent of Africa.

Mohamed Kofi knows Egypt well, as he previously played in the Egyptian League for many years, where he became prominent with the Zamalek team, and he even trained under the leadership of Hossam Hassan, the coach of the Egyptian national team.

Muhammad Kofi: Hossam Hassan is a father, brother, and friend to me

Kofi said in exclusive statements to:win win: “Hossam Hassan is like a father, brother, and friend, and I am happy to be coaching the Egyptian national team. The match against them will be difficult, even though the Egyptian national team is not going through its best condition, but most of their strength is from the local league, and we saw Al-Ahly and Zamalek at their best, and they won the Champions League and the Confederation Cup. “.

Mohamed Salah to the Saudi League...a deal that has become unpopular in the summer transfer market

He added: “We are also a Burkina Faso team who are not at our best, so it will be a match on the field, and the best will definitely win it.”

Regarding whether they will develop a special plan to stop Mohamed Salah, Mohamed Kofi said: “Absolutely Mohamed Salah A great and exceptional player. We have a player, Otara, who played against him and knows him well, and the Burkina national team played against Salah in the 2017 African Nations. I do not think that we will develop a special plan to stop Salah, because the entire Egyptian national team is dangerous, and the technical matters, of course, remain for the national team’s coach.”

Regarding the Egyptian national team coach, Mohamed Kofi said: “I played against Hossam Hassan, and he trained me in more than one team. I know that there are many people who talk bad about him, and say that he is bad in training and so on, but Hossam Hassan is a fighter, and he loves fighting players, and if not… If you don’t, you won’t like him as a coach.”

He added: “Yes, sometimes he is a little nervous, but he is a good coach and a good person as well, and I am confident that he will achieve success with the Egyptian national team.”

Regarding the player Mohamed Kanouti, who is present in the “Al-Khayil” camp and is nominated to join Al-Ahly, Kofi explained: “He is a good striker and has many advantages, but he is currently only focused on facing Egypt, and I wish him success in any step he takes.”

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