Hooliganism is an inherent phenomenon in the European Nations Cup

Riots are an inherent phenomenon in the European Nations Cup, and violence has increased among fans of the teams participating in the tournament during the last editions of 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2021, and it is expected that it will not be free.euro“2024 in Germany of this shameful phenomenon.

European media reports warned that hooligans, especially the hooligans, were planning to cause major chaos in the 2024 European Nations Cup in Germany by starting fights and intimidating fans of the teams expected to visit Germany during the period between June 14 and July 14.

People’s actions generally occur during the European Nations Cup tournaments around the stadiums that host the matches or in transportation at metro stations, as well as in bars, and it is sometimes difficult for security personnel to control these violent incidents despite their development of solid plans in order to confront this phenomenon that is inherent in the European football event.

Riots at the European Nations Cup are a phenomenon that has causes

Sociologists believe that riots at the European Nations Cup are a phenomenon with causes related to identity, nationalism, violence, fans, and racism.

The Argentine sociologist Pablo Alabarces, who specializes in popular cultures, explains in statements to the website:Swissinfo“Football is a game that plays a role as a catalyst for the national spirit, especially in countries that witness a sharp spread of nationalist tendencies, and this is more prevalent in Eastern European countries and the Balkan region.

Russia and England fans brawl at Euro 2016

The sociologist believes that Italian fans are proud of their hustle and bustle, while the English are convinced that they are the best fans in Europe. As for the Turks, they are overwhelmed by the feeling that they are required to confront everyone, in examples that differ between fans of one European country and another.

The sociologist confirms that violence in European stadiums is influenced by racism, pointing out that riots on the Old Continent are practiced by the extreme right, fueled by extremist and xenophobic rhetoric that reeks of hatred and racism.

English fans lead the riot scene at the Euro

English fans are at the forefront of the scene of riots in the Euro Championship, in a phenomenon that is growing from one edition to another. In the Belgium and Netherlands edition in 2000, violence began immediately after the English fans arrived in the Belgian capital, Brussels, and clashes occurred, as a result of which 400 people were arrested.

In the same tournament, a major riot broke out between English and German fans in the Belgian city of Charleroi, and on the night of the two teams’ match in the group stage of the UEFA Euro 2000, a fan was stabbed and seriously injured.

Archive - Rayyan Cherki, striker of the French club Olympique Lyonnais (X/ActuFoot) One Win winwin

At Euro 2004 in Portugal, scenes of riots were repeated for the English fans who clashed with the Portuguese police after losing to France in the group stage, and the England national team received a warning from the European Football Association of exclusion from the tournament if the riots continued.

The 2008 European Nations Cup in Austria and Switzerland was not without acts of violence as well, as Turkish and Croatian fans entered into fierce clashes after the end of the two teams’ quarter-final match, prompting police in the Austrian capital, Vienna, to arrest dozens of them.

In Euro 2012, violent confrontations broke out between supporters of the Polish and Russian national teams on the sidelines of the match between them in the city of Warsaw, resulting in dozens of injuries, and the arrest of 200 fans, most of whom were Poles belonging to the extreme right.

Riots dominated the 2016 European Nations Cup in France, the most violent of which was between fans of the England and Russia teams in the city of Marseille. The 2020 European Nations Cup also witnessed riots, especially in the final match between England and Italy, which coincided with the outbreak of great chaos. In the English capital, London.

It is worth noting that the German police are seeking to avoid riots in the 2024 European Nations Cup by implementing a set of plans and procedures to thwart all attempts to target fans of the teams participating in the tournament.

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