History of confrontations between France and Portugal.. Who will win?

Football fans are looking forward to the quarter-final match of the tournament. European Nations Cup 2024 between France and Portugal tonight, Friday, in a match that observers consider a premature final, given the weight of the two teams and their impressive record. What is the history of France and Portugal’s confrontations before the Hamburg match?

Seek French national team During today’s match, to erase the disappointment of the last edition when it was eliminated early at the hands of Switzerland in the round of 16, while the “Brazil of Europe” dreams of going far and moving forward towards achieving the European title for the second time in its history, after that achieved in 2016 at the expense of the French Roosters.

The last time France and Portugal faced each other in the Euros was in 2016, when the match was played at the Stade de France in Paris. Cristiano Ronaldo started the match before being forced to leave the field due to injury. The match went into extra time, before substitute Eder scored the winning goal for Portugal with a brilliant shot.

History of confrontations between France and Portugal

Matches are always Portugal France is exciting and competitive, given the high level of the two teams and the number of stars representing each side. So it is natural that the conflict will be great throughout history, but the advantage in terms of numbers clearly favors the French.

The Roosters dominate the history of the France-Portugal confrontations in terms of the number of victories and goals scored, and this seems expected, as the French team has been considered one of the toughest teams for a long time, unlike the Portuguese team, which played in the World Cup only twice during the last century.

Returning to the numbers, the French and Portuguese national teams have faced each other in 28 matches in various competitions, between official and friendly matches, and the French have won 19 times, while Portugal has won only 6 times, while the two teams have drawn 3 times.

Of all these matches, the teams met on 4 occasions in the European Nations Cup, where the French won twice, Portugal won once, and one match ended in a draw.

The French also largely agree on the number of goals scored, having scored 52 goals against the Portuguese, while the attack of the “Brazil of Europe” has only scored 31 goals against the Roosters in the past matches.

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The history of confrontations between France and Portugal clearly favors the Roosters before today’s match in Euro 2024, but the field may have another opinion, as the Portuguese team includes big stars in its ranks who can compete with the toughest international teams, so the conflict will be great at the Hamburg stadium.

The whistle for the France-Portugal match will be blown at exactly 10:00 PM Mecca time, and 9:00 PM Germany time, led by English referee Michael Oliver, and it is expected that more than 49,000 fans will attend.

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