Hisham Hanafi is happy with Salah’s return to the Egyptian national team and warns against Burkina Faso

Hisham Hanafi, the former Al-Ahly club and Egyptian national team player, expressed his overwhelming happiness at the return of Liverpool star Mohamed Salah to the Egyptian national team, after he missed the camp last March.

The Egyptian national team is preparing to face Burkina Faso, at ten in the evening, next Thursday, June 6, at the Cairo International Stadium, as part of the third round of competitions. African qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

Hisham Hanafi said in exclusive statements to the platform:win winRegarding the upcoming meeting of the Pharaohs against Burkina Faso: “The Egyptian national team is a large national team with a long history, and there must be great and continuous support from all the Egyptian football stars, for the Egyptian national team players and the technical staff led by Hossam Hassan, because the national team is heading into a very difficult period.” .

He pointed out: “The two poles of Egyptian football Alahli football club And Zamalek Club won the African Champions League and Confederation Cup titles, so there is euphoria of victory and joy among the players, and I think that morale is very high. It is possible that there will be a difference or agreement about the performance, but the circumstances supported the team, and it was agreed to postpone the Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Pyramids matches in Egyptian Cup Championship.

He added: “All the requests made by Hossam Hassan, the coach of the Pharaohs, were responded to, the most important of which was starting the preparatory camp a week early to get to know the players to get closer and transfer technical ideas, and this is what happened, in addition to the list of players that he summoned was chosen by him, with the exception of Omar’s absence.” Marmoush due to undergoing surgery, but there are many alternatives in the current period, with the adaptation that everyone has witnessed and the dominance of a state of friendliness and love between the players for each other.”

Hisham Hanafi confirms his happiness with Mohamed Salah’s return to the national team

Hisham Hanafi spoke about Salah’s return to the national team, saying: “On a personal level, what pleased me most was the joining of Mohamed Salah, the star of the club. Liverpool The Englishman is in the national team camp, because he is the captain of the national team and the icon of the Egyptians, especially since relations with the technical staff have become very good, and the signs of friendliness were clear on Hossam Hassan and Ibrahim Hassan, and on Salah himself. I hope that Salah will be supportive in the national team and a good support for all the players.”

He stressed: “I hope that the Egyptian team can achieve victory in the next two matches against Burkina Faso and Guinea Bissau, two very difficult matches. We saw Burkina Faso in the African Cup of Nations, which is a very difficult team that has players at the highest level, so all things are very difficult for the team.” “.

He stressed: “I have great confidence in the capabilities of the national team’s players Egypt In achieving victory, and to be at the highest level of responsibility and of the event, and I trust the Egyptian fans to be in the stands next Thursday, because the Pharaohs need to qualify for the World Cup.”

Mohamed Salah, captain of the Egyptian national team and star of the English club Liverpool, Winwin

He continued: “The Egyptian team must be in the 2026 World Cup, especially after the expansion and development of African football and the number of participants in the World Cup. Our team must be present, and I hope it will do well.”

Regarding the national team’s roster, Hisham Hanafi said: “After Ahmed Fattouh’s injury, I think he is conducting recovery training in order to be present in the next match after his injury, and if he is excluded, I hope that Omar Jaber and Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed will attend. This duo has a different appearance on the field, and a distinguished performance.” With Al-Ahly and Zamalek.”

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