His colleague exposes him.. Lamine Yamal does his homework for Euro 2024

Athletic Bilbao striker Neco Williams exposed his teammate… Spanish national team Lamine Yamal, a FC Barcelona talent, confirmed that he is doing his homework for the 2024 European Nations Cup, despite being busy playing the tournament matches with the “La Roja” team.

Yamal participated as a starter in the match in which his country, Spain, won 3-0 against Croatia in Euro 2024, and he became the youngest player to play matches in the history of the European Nations Cup at the age of 16 years and 338 days.

Despite arriving to play with Barcelona’s first team, in addition to wearing the Spanish national team’s shirt, the 16-year-old is still finishing his studies in the fourth year of basic education, as the Spanish media revealed earlier.

Lamin Yamal does his homework for Euro 2024

Williams, the Spanish national team striker, made statements on radio:Cadina cope“, in which he confirmed that Lamine Yamal is doing his school homework in conjunction with his participation with the “La Roja” national team in European Nations Cup 2024, saying: “I see him (Yamal) in the room, doing his homework.”

Williams exposes his colleague Yamal

Williams joked with his colleague and friend Yamal about these statements, and sent him a message in which he said: “I am your older brother, and you must respect me,” noting that the age difference between the players is 5 years, as the Athletic Bilbao striker is 21 years old, while Barcelona’s talent did not exceed the 16 mark. General.

Yamal had made statements to the Spanish media, in which he confirmed that he had brought his schoolwork with him to Germany in order to prepare for the end-of-year tests, indicating that he would attend lessons remotely during his participation with the “La Roja” team in the 2024 European Nations Cup.

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And he wished Barcelona talent That distance learning does not disturb his teacher, explaining that he is doing a good job of solving his schoolwork, as part of his efforts to succeed at the end of the school year and move on to the next grade.

It is worth noting that Lamine Yamal – although he is not over 16 years old – has so far participated in 8 international matches with the Spanish national team, and has scored two goals with his shirt and provided 5 assists, based on data from the website “Transfer Market“Specialized in numbers and statistics.

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