Goalkeepers who can make a difference in the 2024 Copa America

The 2024 Copa America Championship will start in the United States of America, from June 20 to July 14, with 10 teams from the South American continent competing to win the title, along with 6 other teams from CONCACAF, who will attend the tournament. A group of prominent players around the world.

It is common in football matches and tournaments to focus on midfielders and attackers, and this is normal. Because the most appreciated thing in football is scoring goals, and in fact, if we take a look at the main candidates for the Best Player award in… 2024 editionIt will be difficult to talk about goalkeepers.

However, we only have to look far back to realize the importance of goalkeepers in achieving any title. In the 2022 World Cup, for example, had it not been for the brilliance of goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez in the last match, Argentina would not have been able to become the current world champion.

Copa America 2024…a strong presence of goalkeepers

In the following lines, it is highlighted:win win“Highlighting the most prominent goalkeepers participating in the 2024 Copa America who can make a difference during the continental tournament.

Emiliano Martinez (Argentina)

We have previously spoken about Aston Villa goalkeeper, Emiliano Martinez, who showed his quality during the 2022 World Cup, and contributed to… Argentina won the World Cup title for the third time in its history, and the goalkeeper is expected to continue his brilliance in the 2024 Copa America.

In the last edition of the Copa, the 31-year-old goalkeeper was also decisive in helping Argentina win the tournament title, after his remarkable brilliance during the semi-final match against Colombia, especially in the penalty shootout that smiled at the “Tango” team with a score of 7-6.

Martinez has 37 matches in his international career with the Argentine national team, and he was able to keep a clean sheet in 27 matches, which is a very special number, while conceding only 15 goals.

Alisson Becker (Brazil)

it will be Brazil A strong competitor for the title of the next edition of Copa; With the Seleção team having a huge constellation of stars in goalkeeping, it will not be any different with the presence of Alisson Becker, who is currently classified as one of the best goalkeepers on the planet.

The 31-year-old goalkeeper previously won the Copa title in 2019, and Becker then won the best goalkeeper award in the tournament. Thanks to his amazing saves during the coronation journey.

Lionel Messi is preparing to lead Argentina in the 2024 Copa America

During his international career with Brazil, the Liverpool goalkeeper played 63 matches, conceded 26 times, and kept a clean sheet in 41 matches. The Brazilian fans place high hopes on Becker to help the “Samba” team win the tenth continental title in its history.

Sergio Roche (Uruguay)

The Uruguay national team disappointed many in the last World Cup, after exiting the group stage. Because it has a strong squad that can compete with any team in the world, coach Marcelo Bielsa’s team will try to appear in a different way during the 2024 Copa America with the help of goalkeeper Sergio Rocher.

Rocher took over the reins with Uruguay during the 2022 World Cup, after many years of Fernando Muslera’s consistency in guarding the Uruguayan national team, and Sergio will have a new opportunity in the next edition of the Copa. To show the world why he deserves this position.

Claudio Bravo (Chile)

By the time of Copa America 2024, Claudio Bravo will be one of the oldest players in the tournament, at 41 years old, but this will not prevent him from defending the Chilean den again, and trying to obtain his third continental title in its history after 2015 and 2016.

The Real Betis goalkeeper continues to play at a high level, despite his advanced age. In his busy career, Bravo has 147 international matches with Chile, kept a clean sheet 56 times, and conceded 172 goals, based on data from the “Real Betis” website.Transfer Market“.

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