From Hanks to Stallone… Hollywood stars and their relationship with Premier League teams

The famous American actor Tom Hanks attracted attention; Attending a match Aston Villa And Liverpool yesterday, Monday, in the Premier League (English Football League).

The match was held at Villa Park, and the home team’s victory meant that they would qualify for the Champions League next season, which made the match seem like a special football party, which Hanks was keen to attend.

The match ended in a 3-3 draw between the two teams, which postponed the decision of the Villans’ qualification to the Champions League, but that did not prevent Hanks from celebrating, especially when Aston Villa scored two goals near the end, to equalize the score after trailing 1-3.

And it counts Tom Hanks A well-known Aston Villa fan, the Hollywood star previously admitted that his first affiliation with the Birmingham City Club was due to his admiration for the team’s name.

Hollywood stars support Premier League teams

Hanks is not the only Hollywood actor enamored with English clubs. There is Elijah Wood, the character of “Frodo” in the “Lord of the Rings” series, who supports West Ham United, which is also active in the Premier League.

It is said that when Wood watched a West Ham match for the first time, he said: “They are a very good team,” before becoming a loyal Hammers fan.

There’s also Sylvester Stallone, who is known to be an Everton fan. Stallone visited the Toffees’ Goodison Park stadium in 2007; He attended one of the matches of the team, which managed to secure its stay in the Premier League this season.

Stallone has previously indicated his regret over not buying Everton when he had the opportunity to do so.

The result of Liverpool’s match against Aston Villa today in the English Premier League on Monday, May 13, 2024 for the 2023/2024 season, in the 37th and penultimate round of the Premier League One Win Winwin Getty

And of course, there is Kevin Costner, the hero of the famous film “Robin Hood”, which was filmed in England; The American film star admired the English view of football, before becoming a well-known Arsenal fan.

Ironically, the name “Robin Hood” has also been associated with an attacker Asnal The former, Robin van Persie; The Dutch player seemed to save the team with his beautiful and decisive goals, earning him that title among Gunners fans.

Also, we have Mike Myers, who voiced the famous “Shrek” character; Myers is a well-known Liverpool fan. Myers is very keen to visit Anfield and encourage the Reds from the field.

Also, there is the famous actress Cameron Diaz, who is a fan of the London club Brentford. Brentford’s former president, Dan Tana, had previously confirmed Diaz’s keenness to visit the team’s stadium, Griffin Park, whenever she was in the English capital.

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