France hurt Belgium whenever it resisted and Tedesco fought the windmills!

As usual, France thwarted another attempt by Belgium to win the title with the best generation in its history, after defeating it with a clean goal through friendly fire from the Belgian defender. Jan Vertonghen In the last ten minutes of the match.

Belgium were unable to take revenge on the French rooster, who had eliminated the Belgians from the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup, before continuing his journey and being crowned world champion at the time.

Advantage for the French team

Despite the high level Belgium national team Compared to the 2022 World Cup, and considering that it is not an easy opponent at all for the French, the difference in quality was still clear between the two teams in the first half, which was clearly dominated by the Roosters after they besieged Belgium greatly.

The secret behind this was the tremendous high pressure that Didier Deschamps and his players exerted on the ball to leave the Belgian defence, and it seemed that there was a clear plan drawn up without any loopholes, so that the ball would not pass easily to the other side of the field, which forced the Belgian defenders on many occasions to send it long in the hope that Romelu Lukaku would catch it.

France vs Belgium Euro 2024 Round of 16

It was not just high pressure, but the French counter-pressure was very intense, until it reached the point in the last ten minutes of the match, where France continued its attack three or four times without Belgium being able to launch a counter-attack when it snatched the ball, but France would regain it again and continue its attack.

The French benefited greatly from the numerical density they imposed in the depth of the field, after the wingers on paper, Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappe, joined the midfield trio, and the clear understanding between the French midfield trio with the raising of the level of positioning of Aurelien Tchouameni, who presented a wonderful level in terms of counter-pressure, and then a sharper rise from N’Golo Kante, the owner of the penetrations, and Adrien Rabiot, who showed a very distinctive level in keeping the ball and bold passing in front of the penalty area.

Tedesco fights the windmills and then turns things around

In contrast, Domenech Tedesco played the match in a 4-3-3 formation on paper, but it often turned into a 5-2-3 with the return of Yannick Carrasco, to be a right wing-back during the defensive situation.

Tedesco wanted to close both fronts to French attacks on the flanks, especially with the presence of a winger with the capabilities of Kylian Mbappe, but the Italian coach discovered that he was fighting windmills after the Roosters were satisfied with timid attacks from the flanks, through a full-back, one of whom cannot attack alone, such as Jules Kounde, and support comes to him from time to time from N’Golo Kante or Antoine Griezmann.

This tactic put Kevin De Bruyne in a constant defensive position, as he was forced to be alongside Amadou Onana and spent most of the first half running after Griezmann, Kante and Tchouameni, who wasted a huge opportunity from inside the penalty area after he sent the ball over the bar.

Tedesco’s turnaround came in the second half, after he took out Openda, who was not getting the ball, because Belgium were unable to move the ball to the other side of the field, and then there was a need to take a step back in order to start, so the number of midfielders increased by one, after Mangala joined in to move Kevin De Bruyne to be the head of the triangle in the midfield, and he became more free for the Belgians to start exchanging attacks with the French, and they almost scored from more than one attempt, whether from De Bruyne himself who shot a dangerous ball that Maignan saved a minute before the French goal, or even balls from Lukaku and Carrasco who constantly turned to become a winger, so that Castagne would be fixed as an explicit right back, instead of swinging between the full back and the right centre back.

It is true that this modification caused Jules Kounde to have some comfort in penetrating from the right, and playing several effective ground crosses, but in general it greatly improved Belgium’s form on the field, and made them capable of causing some damage to the French defenses!

A valuable joint ball and another own goal!

Belgium improved, but that did not stop France from continuing to try, as Mbappe almost scored with a shot that went over the bar, after getting rid of two players, one of whom was Kevin De Bruyne, who did not stop helping his teammates defensively. Before that, Mbappe received a low cross from Kounde, which he shot weakly, and then he received another from Kounde, which he shot over the bar, to send a clear message to France that any adjustment to raise the level of Belgium’s attack will be met with a greater French ability to create chances on the Belgian goal.

France’s goal came from a ball that ended with Randal Kolo Muani, who turned to shoot a weak ball that was within reach, but it hit Vertonghen’s leg, changing direction and shocking the large red crowd by stopping in the goal with less than 10 minutes remaining.

What is noticeable in that goal is the great laxity from Castagne, in an attempt to win a joint ball that was closer to him than Theo Hernandez, and the latter pressed and won it to pass to his teammates on the edge of the area, meaning that the exchange that led to the goal was from a ball closer to Belgium than France, which shows the importance of continuing to win the duels and not being lax about them, as their consequences may be dire.

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