Former Serbian star apologizes after attacking Al Hilal duo, Demiral shines

The Serbian duo of Al-Hilal Saudi Club, Aleksandar Mitrovic and Sergej Savic, were subjected to a sharp attack by former Serbian star Rade Bogdanovic, after their lackluster performance in the European Nations Cup.Euro 2024Currently based in Germany.

The Al Hilal duo were unable to lead the Serbian team to pass the group stage in the continental tournament, and Serbia took the fourth and last place in the third group standings, with two points, while the group lead went to England with 5 points.

Bogdanovic considered in previous media statements that the decline in performance of Mitrovic and Savic was due to their decision to play in the tournament. Saudi Roshen LeagueBut he retracted what he said after the brilliance of Turkish defender Merih Demiral and his brilliant leadership of his country’s team towards qualifying for the quarter-finals of the Euro, after defeating the Austrian team with a score of (2-1), on the evening of Tuesday, July 2.

Portugal duo Cristiano Ronaldo and Ruben Neves are among the most prominent stars of the Saudi Roshen League in Euro 2024

The former Atletico Madrid player said in statements reported by the website:sportsportSerbian: “I would like to apologize to everyone for my previous statement when I said that players in the Saudi league should not play an important role with their national teams.”

Indirect attack on Al Hilal duo

In his speech, Bogdanovic indirectly attacked Al Hilal duo Mitrovic and Savic, explaining: “Tonight we saw that it doesn’t really matter where you play if you have a heart and love your country. Demiral scored two goals and did everything he could, unlike some other professionals in the Saudi League.”

The 54-year-old works as an analyst for Serbian channel RTS and Bogdanovic gained media notoriety for his harsh comments, especially regarding Serbian footballers during the European Championship.

In previous statements, Bogdanovic harshly attacked Al Hilal player Savic, after the 1-1 draw with Slovenia in the group stage, and indicated that he “runs like a grandmother” on the pitch, adding: “The level he presented with Serbia is very unfortunate. He only wants to collect money and he does not really care about his country’s team.”

It is noteworthy that the quarter-finals of the 2024 European Nations Championship will witness the presence of 7 players from the Saudi Roshen League competition, which confirms the value of the Saudi championship at the present time, and proves that it is no longer a place for football stars to retire.

And it was Competition Saudi Arabia has witnessed a remarkable rise in the recent period, after the Saudi Investment Fund acquired Al-Hilal, Al-Nasr, Al-Ittihad and Al-Ahly clubs, which resulted in contracting with international stars, starting with Ronaldo at the beginning of last year 2023, and after the presence of the “Madeira Rocket”, the major Saudi clubs continued their contracts with a group of the most prominent football stars around the world.

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