For the sake of Al-Hafnawi…the Tunisian Minister of Sports meets with the Swimming Federation

Today, Tuesday, June 18, Tunisian Minister of Youth and Sports, Kamal Dakich, met with members of the management office of the Tunisian Federation. For swimming Chaired by Mohamed Al-Zaribi, to discuss a road map for monitoring the status of elite swimming athletes and resolving most of the outstanding problems at all levels, especially with regard to world-class swimmer Ayoub Al-Hafnawi and the promising champions Ahmed Al-Jawadi and Rami Al-Rahmouni, within the framework of the action plan aimed at reviving Tunisian swimming regionally and internationally.

Dakish proposed forming an independent follow-up committee entrusted with the task of direct coordination with the Swimming Sports Federation and continuous updating of various emergency situations, according to what was stated on the official page of the Tunisian Ministry of Youth and Sports on the social networking site “Facebook.”

Many issues were put on the meeting table, such as organizing and distributing training pool halls in coordination with the National Sports District and the projects of the Tunisian Swimming Federation to develop the sports infrastructure in the specialty through the International Academy for Swimming Development project in cooperation with the International Federation of Specialization.

It was stipulated to restructure the national teams and strengthen Tunisian representation in international swimming sporting forums, in order to revive the sport of swimming regionally and internationally.

Al-Hafnawi faces the risk of missing the Paris Olympics due to injury

Ahmed Ayoub Al-Hafnawi (21 years old) previously revealed the possibility of his absence from the Paris Olympics next summer due to “injury,” which represented a shock to all those following the “Carthage Sharks” career.

High temperatures threaten athletes in the Paris Olympics

Ayoub Al-Hafnawi gave Tunisia a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, when he won the 400-meter freestyle race, achieving a huge surprise at the time.

Ayoub Al-Hafnawi followed his Olympic medal with his achievement at the 2023 World Championships in Fukuoka, Japan. He won gold in the 800-meter and 1,500-meter freestyle and a silver in the 400-meter freestyle, but he was unsuccessful in the 2024 edition in Doha last February.

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