Following in the footsteps of Mahrez and Benrahma.. Algeria’s Xavi is wanted in the Championship

Algerian international Abdelkader Kadri, star of the Belgian club Kortrijk, is following in the footsteps of his teammates in the “Greens”, Riyad Mahrez andSaid Benrahmaafter he became wanted in the English Championship, the station that many followers see as pivotal before moving to the English Premier League.

Kadri (24 years old) is currently at a crossroads with Croats FC due to his insistence on leaving after three seasons in Belgium, coming from Algerian club Paradou AC, at a time when the offers he has received so far are not serious or do not suit the Algerian star’s ambitions.

The midfielder is considered a star player at Kortrijk, with whom he has played since joining in the summer of 2021, in 79 matches in various competitions, during which he scored 12 goals and provided 11 assists, but he also suffered from an injury nightmare, which kept him out of competition for a long time.

Cardiff City seek to sign Abdul Qahar Kadri

The reliable Belgian journalist in the news of the Belgian transfer market, Sacha Tavoleri, revealed that Abdelkader Kadri is now wanted by the club Cardiff CityThe Belgian journalist published news on his official account on the “X” platform, saying: “Cardiff City has a confirmed interest in Abdelkader Kadri.”

Kadri follows in Mahrez’s footsteps

He continued: “A meeting was held last weekend between the Algerian player’s agents and the chairman of Cardiff City to find out the Welsh club’s intentions and offer,” before clarifying: “But Kadri’s priority is not Cardiff City at the present time, even if the data from the meeting between the two parties was positive.”

The last part of the news confirms the high ambitions of the graduate of the La Masia Academy in Algeria, who was looking forward to moving to the German League for a short period after receiving some offers that did not go beyond testing the waters, and he is also on the radar of many French clubs.

Mahrez and Benrahma succeeded in the Championship before shining in the Premier League

Many Algerians believe that English Premier League The Championship is a good omen and a starting point for Algerian players to shine, as happened to some players, such as Riyad Mahrez and Said Benrahma, who started their careers there before shining in the English Premier League and becoming one of its most prominent stars in recent seasons.

Mahrez moved to Leicester City in early 2014 when the Wolves were playing in the Championship, and made a golden history with them, leading them to promotion to the Premier League and then winning the English Premier League title in 2016 in a miraculous achievement, and then leaving his mark on a golden history with Manchester City.

Algerian Abdelkader Kadri One One winwin

For his part, Benrahma introduced himself to European football followers as a promising star after moving from Nice to Brentford in the summer of 2018, where he shone amazingly in the Championship, which led him to move to West Ham after only two seasons, which confirms the importance of the English First Division in discovering and re-introducing promising players.

According to analysts, Kadri is expected to follow the same path if he decides to move to Cardiff City. He has great football talent, thanks to his high skills in performing defensive and offensive roles at the same time in the midfield, which made followers compare him to the former Barcelona star, Xavi.

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