Florent announces Al Hilal’s readiness for the East and Central Africa Championship

Coach Florent Abegue announced his team’s readiness. Sudanese Crescent To participate in the East and Central African Clubs Championship (CECAFA), stressing that the team is not afraid of pressure; this is before its first match in the tournament against Zambian Redarros, on Wednesday, July 10, at Azam Club Stadium in Tanzania.

The Sudanese champion is the first candidate to win the title, given the identity of the competitors in the tournament, Al-Hilal’s superiority in the continental ranking, in addition to the differences in the players’ experience and their expertise in African tournaments.

The Sudanese representative completed its preparations for the tournament matches through a training camp in Tanzania, after the Blue Club won the Sudanese Super Cup title at the expense of its rival Al-Merreikh, after the latter withdrew from the match stadium.

Al Hilal and Al Merreikh captains Mohamed Abdel Rahman and Ramadan Ajab before the derby match from which Al Merreikh withdrew

The Congolese coach revealed his team’s readiness for the tournament matches, and said in a special interview with the website: win win“I know very well that the spotlight is on my team, and it is the first candidate for the title for everyone. We are not afraid of the competitors, and we are used to pressure.”

“Al Hilal is always a candidate for titles, because it is a big team and has a name in the African continent,” added the coach, who Al Hilal fans have their hopes on to win the title. “Our mission is not easy, and we realize our superiority, and we will work hard to win the title. I know that Al Hilal fans are counting on this generation of players to achieve the championship. We will play our matches with great strength, in order for the team to appear distinguished.”

Florent: We play our matches without sufficient preparatory experiences

Florent considered that the preparation period for his team was short, and said: “The preparation period was short, and a number of international players did not participate with us, so the physical preparation of the players is different, in addition to the fact that we did not have a sufficient number of friendly matches, and we played the Sudanese Super Cup matches without holding a friendly match.”

The coach concluded his speech by saying: “We will play all matches as championship matches, and we will not underestimate our competitors. We always make sure to respect our competitors, regardless of our advantage. I strive to motivate the players without putting too much pressure on them, and we hope to achieve the aspirations of Al Hilal fans.”

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