Financial crisis besieges the Iraqi Football Association!

The Iraqi Football Association is suffering from a stifling financial crisis that has cast a shadow over the reality of the national teams in all age groups.

The board of President Adnan Darjal is facing major financial difficulties this year, related to the expenses of the national teams and their foreign participations.

Sources toldwin winThe Iraqi Football Association’s budget is suffering from a major financial crisis, as the Football Association’s debts have reached more than 4 billion, including team travel tickets, hotel reservations and expenses, due to the participation of… Iraqi national team In the Asian double qualifiers and also hosting tournaments in Iraq in the last two years, specifically the West Asian Youth and Olympic Teams Championships.

The sources added: “The financial crisis has cast its shadow over the Iraqi teams in general, as the youth team went to participate in the recent West Asian Championship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and no money was paid to it, and the coaches expressed their extreme dissatisfaction, due to the players’ dues not being paid to manage their affairs there, and this matter also affected their psychological state in the championship, but they tried to hide the matter in various ways.”

She continued: “The Iraqi Olympic team’s condition was not better than that of the youth team, especially since they went to France without being honored by the Iraqi Federation after the great achievement of qualifying for the Paris Olympics, especially since the Iraqi Federation had promised them financial rewards; but until now it has not spent any amount, and this matter angered the Olympic team delegation.”

The biggest victim of the Iraqi Federation crisis

She noted: “The Iraqi team most affected by the financial crisis of the Football Association is the Iraqi youth team, whose training has been suspended under the direction of President Adnan Darjal, although the current time is the best for training with the start of the summer vacation for schools in Iraq.”

President of the Iraqi Federation Adnan Darjal

She added: “Darjal asked the players to stay at home until the money and basic needs are provided. The Iraqi team did not receive any attention, even the players’ equipment is not up to the level of ambition and is difficult to provide, which angered the team’s coach, Ahmed Kazim.”

It is worth noting that the Iraqi Federation received significant financial support from the Iraqi government, which provided the teams with private planes and financial allocations to ensure that they were provided with the best means of comfort.

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