FIFA issues a strong threat to the Libyan Football Association

Face The International Federation of Football FIFA issued a strong threat to its counterpart, the Libyan Federation (LFF) and the Ministry of Sports in Tripoli, regarding the overlap in tasks, especially after the recommendations of the Ministry of Sports regarding the organization of the General Assembly.

And he warned FIFA In his letter to the Ministry of Sports, intervention on its part may cause the Libyan Federation to stop its activity if the violations continue, stressing that the recommendations included in its correspondence must be taken into account. This warning from FIFA comes a few days before the Libyan national team’s first two matches in the African continent’s qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

FIFA said in its statement: “The Ministry of Sports’ letter to the Libyan Football Federation contains instructions regarding the organization of the Federation’s General Assembly, and it also appears to provide instructions regarding the members of the Federation’s General Assembly and their delegates participating in the regular conference, which was scheduled to be held on May 2, 2024.” “But it was eventually postponed.”

FIFA added, directing its letter to the Libyan Ministry of Sports: “The Libyan Federation must manage its affairs independently, and without any unnecessary influence from a third party, including the government, and in this context we believe that the Ministry of Sports may provide the Libyan Federation with any important information or recommendations.” With regard to the formation of the executive bodies of members of the General Assembly.”

The FIFA stressed: “Any attempts to interfere in the organizational aspects of the General Assembly of the Libyan Football Association could amount to undue influence on the part of third parties, and could be considered a violation of the legal obligation.”

FIFA threatens the Libyan Federation to stop football activity!

FIFA also indicated the possibility of suspending Libyan football activity by saying: “For the avoidance of doubt, please note that violation of the above-mentioned provisions of the FIFA regulations may give rise to grounds for the suspension of the Libyan Football Association regardless of whether the violation is attributed to the Libyan Football Association or not.”

Libya's first national football team (winwin) Winwin winwin

FIFA noted: “We would like to remind that any suspended member association may not exercise any of its membership rights, and other member associations may not establish any sporting contacts with the suspended member associations, and the Disciplinary Committee may impose further penalties.”

FIFA concluded its statement by saying: “Furthermore, the suspended member association loses all its membership rights as specified in Article 13 of the FIFA Statutes, with immediate effect and until further notice. Likewise, the teams it represents as well as the clubs affiliated with this association can no longer participate in competitions.” International until the suspension is lifted.

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