Faisal Bouchaala expects a playoff match to decide the Libyan League title

Faisal Bouchaala, the best right back in the history of Libyan football, expected that the identity of the local Premier League title would be decided in the current sports season 2023-24, by holding a playoff match between Al-Ahly Tripoli and Al-Ahly Benghazi.

Al-Nasr, Al-Ahly Benghazi, Al-Hilal, Al-Ahly Tripoli, Al-Suwaihli and Al-Madina teams will compete starting June 24 in Italian stadiums in order to determine the identity of the champion of the Libyan Premier League in its 49th edition.

Faisal Bouchaala expects a decisive match between Al-Ahly Tripoli and Al-Ahly Benghazi

Faisal Bouchaala, who is considered one of the most prominent players who played for the two clubs, Al-Ahly Benghazi and Al-Ahly Tripoli, said in an exclusive statement to the “winwin” website: “I think that the competition for the Libyan League title through the six-placed podium in the current season will be limited between Al-Ahly Tripoli and Al-Ahly Benghazi because they have players with the specifications.” Technically high.”

An archive photo of the Al-Ahly Tripoli and Abu Salim match in the Libyan League

He continued: “I believe that each team, during its five matches in the coronation stage, can score 12 points, and Al-Ahly Benghazi will meet Al-Ahly Tripoli in the final round of the competition. If the two teams are tied on points, the league title in its current season will be decided through a playoff match according to the competition regulations.”

He added: “The six-placed matches will be difficult for all the participating teams, which have every chance of competing for the Libyan League title. There are Al-Nasr and Al-Suwaihli. Also, let us not forget the ancient Al-Madina team and Al-Hilal, which aspires to win its first title.”

5 historic confrontations brought together Al-Ahly Tripoli and Al-Ahly Benghazi to decide the title

The history of Al-Ahly Tripoli and Al-Ahly Benghazi matches is full of high competition and wide fan following. Due to the large fan base of the two teams, 5 decisive confrontations remain a milestone in the history of the two major clubs.

The story of the first decisive confrontation between the two clubs begins 60 years ago in order to determine the league champion in its first edition. The two teams met in the first final of the Libyan League in 1964, and Al-Ahly Tripoli succeeded in winning back and forth over Al-Ahly Benghazi with the same score (1-0).

The two teams returned to the final of the Libyan Championship in 1970, and Al-Ahly Benghazi succeeded in winning the first title in its history by winning back and forth with a score of (2-1).

In the 1973 season, the two teams met in a playoff match to determine the league champion after equal points. The title went to Al-Ahly Tripoli Club, which won the match with a single goal.

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