Expected judicial rulings in the Al-Shahat and Al-Shabi case

Tomorrow, Thursday, May 30, the curtain will temporarily rise on the Moroccan crisis Muhammad Al-Shaibi Pyramids Club player, and Hussein El-Shahat, Al-Ahly Club player.

The final session in the General Court is scheduled to begin tomorrow, Thursday, to pronounce the ruling regarding Al-Shaibi’s complaint against Hussein Al-Shahat.

A crisis broke out between Al-Shaibi and Al-Shahat, after a match Al-Ahly AndPyramids Which brought them together in the Egyptian Premier League championship last season, whose sessions began in the Nasr City Misdemeanor Court on April 18 of this year.

The cameras captured a verbal altercation between Mohamed Al-Shaibi and Hussein Al-Shahat, and the matter worsened, and the Al-Ahly player insulted and slapped the Pyramids player in the face.

However, Muhammad Al-Shaibi resorted to the civil courts to file a report against Hussein Al-Shahat, assaulting him in front of millions of viewers, and accusing him of bullying, beating, cursing, defamation, insulting and intimidating, in addition to threatening physical harm, all of which resulted in psychological and physical harm after publishing videos of the slapping incident on social media sites. different.

Al-Ahly of Egypt threatens to escalate the incident with Hussein Al-Shahat and Mohamed Al-Shaibi (X/AlAhly) Winwin

Al-Ahly filed an official complaint against the Pyramids player, on the grounds that he violated the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) regulations by resorting to civil justice in an incident related to a sports stadium.

What are the expected rulings in the Al-Shahat and Al-Shabi case?

And he taught win win From a legal source about the expected rulings in the sentencing session in the case of Muhammad Al-Shaibi and Hussein Al-Shahat, as follows:

It is likely that a ruling will be issued imposing a fine only on Hussein Al-Shahat, the Al-Ahly club player.

– Or it is expected that a ruling will be issued imposing a fine and imprisonment for a period determined by the judge, or suspended imprisonment.

The source concluded his statements by stressing that the final ruling is subject to appeal in all cases.

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