Exclusive: “Police Experience” Inspires Shenishil Before Participating in the Olympics

The national team coach is busy Iraqi Olympic Radhi Shenishil is preparing for the Olympics in Paris 2024, where he will face heavyweight teams, such as Argentina, Morocco and Ukraine, for Group Two.

A special source told the website:win winThe coach of the Iraqi Olympic team is currently calculating every little detail on the road to preparing for the Olympics, and is also thinking about the names that will participate in the two friendly matches against the French club Pau and the Egyptian Olympic team in the French city of Toulouse, as part of a training camp between July 4 and 10.

The source added that Shenishil will give full opportunity to all players in his team, while giving more playing minutes to the three players over the legal age (Ayman Hussein, Ibrahim Bayesh and Saad Natiq), so that they can adapt with the rest of the players in the Olympic team. The coach is not worried about this issue, as the three are from Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya, which also includes other players in the team, such as Ali Jassim and Mustafa Saadoun, so it is possible for them to adapt as quickly as possible.

Shenishil is not worried about his players’ physical condition

“Shenishil is also not worried about the fitness of his players, despite the fact that the tournament comes at the end of a long and difficult season in the Iraqi Premier League. He hopes that the players will be fully prepared, as happened with Al-Shorta Club in the Arab Club Champions Cup in August of last year, when they participated in the tournament a few days after the end of the league competitions and the team reached the semi-finals. The coach believes that his players are well prepared to compete,” he continued.

Gathering at the entrance to Shinnish

He added: “The administrative matters, their pitfalls and problems have officially ended for the Iraqi Olympic team, despite the refusal of the Dutch club Utrecht to release its player Zidane Iqbal to participate in the Olympics. Shenishil prepared an emergency plan in advance and is convinced of the players he has and those close to him say that he is confident of achieving positive results in the matches despite the difficulty of the competitors.”

This is the sixth participation of the Iraqi national team in the football competitions at the Olympics, as its last participation was in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, when Iraq left the tournament in the group stage.

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