Exclusive.. Division in the Iraqi Federation due to Casas’ new contract!

The Iraqi Football Association is currently experiencing a worrying atmosphere due to the new contract of the coach of the Lions of Mesopotamia, the Spaniard Jesus Casas.

Casas signed a four-year contract with the Iraqi Federation in 2022, which will be evaluated at the end of each year, and both parties have the right to renew or terminate the contract by mutual consent.

Sources toldwin win“The Spanish coach asked the Iraqi Football Association to amend his contract, which will be evaluated and renewed in the last quarter of this year. He requested that the value of his contract be two million dollars, instead of one million and 250 thousand dollars, in addition to renewing it for a period of 3 years, ending in 2027.”

She added: “Kassas’ new contract caused a division within the Iraqi Federation, as this request was supported and approved by the Federation President.” Adnan DarjalWhile the union members rejected this request, as they demanded that the contract remain in the same previous form, with renewal every year, while discussing financial matters and reducing them as much as possible.

She added: “The Iraqi Federation currently does not want to lose the Spanish coach, especially since the situation is very critical and there are only two months left for the Asian qualifiers for the World Cup, so the Iraqi Federation does not want to spoil the atmosphere.” Iraqi national teamHe may resort to the Iraqi government to complete the financial requirements for the new contract.

A tempting Korean offer revisits Casas’ calculations

The sources noted that Jesus Casas requested a salary increase after receiving a serious offer from the South Korean Federation, which was financially higher than his contract with the Iraqi Federation, but he wants to stay in Iraq, and believes in the Iraqi Federation project, and the ability of the “Lions of Mesopotamia” to achieve the dream of reaching the World Cup finals for the second time in its history.

As the basis of the Iraqi national team

It is worth noting that the Iraqi Football Association contracted with Casas on the recommendation of the Spanish La Liga Association, as the Association and the Association have several common interests and agreements, including the Iraqi Stars League and the project to develop age groups in the country.

The new coaching staff of the Iraqi national team consists of Jesus Casas (coach), Alejandro Varela Lopez (first assistant coach), Pablo Grandes (second assistant coach and performance analyst), Salvador Romero (third assistant coach), Javier Sanchez (fitness coach) and Miguel Angel Gonzalez (goalkeeper coach).

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