Exciting stories told by Winwin about the Jordan Cup Championship

Jordanian football fans are awaiting the start of the semi-finals of the Jordan Football Cup, which will be held tomorrow, Sunday, as the struggle to decide the title appears exciting and very strong.

Al-Wahdat (the defending champion) will meet Shabab Al-Urdun at Amman International Stadium, while Al-Hussein Irbid will face Al-Salt at Al-Hassan Stadium.

Among these four teams competing for Cup titleTwo of them have never won the championship, namely Al-Hussein Irbid and Al-Salt, while Al-Wehdat has previously won the championship 11 times, compared to two times for Shabab Al-Jordan.

Al-Faisaly, who was eliminated in this edition in a shocking manner at the hands of the Sahab team, which was relegated to the ranks of the first division, is considered to have won the most cup championships, as it was crowned 21 times.

In this report, the winwin website reviews exciting stories one day before the start of the semi-finals of the Jordan Cup.

Al-Wehdat dominates Shabab Al-Urdun in the Jordan Cup Championship

Al-Wahdat and Shabab Al-Jordan, which was founded in 2002, met 4 times in different roles throughout the history of the Jordan Cup Football Championship.

Al-Wehdat succeeded in achieving victory in all the matches it played against Shabab Al-Urdun, and the first meeting between them was in the 2008-2009 edition and in the final scene, and that day the Green Giant won with a score of (3-1), and Al-Wehdat’s goals in that match were scored by Issa Al-Sabah and Mahmoud Shalbaya. Amer Abu Huwaiti, while Shabab Jordan’s goal was scored by Abdullah Deeb.

The two teams met for the second time during the semi-finals of the 2012-2013 edition, and that day they faced off in a home-and-away format, and the first-leg match ended in a draw (1-1), where Muhammad Al-Alawneh scored for Shabab Al-Jordan and for Al-Wahdat, his star Raafat Ali, from a penalty kick, and today he is the technical director. For the team.

Al-Wehdat succeeded in achieving victory in the return match with a large score of (5-0), with Mahmoud Zaatara (hat-trick), Amjad Al-Qaroum and Rawad Abu Khaizran taking turns scoring.

The third time, he was confronted Units His counterpart, Shabab Al-Jordan, in the group stage of the Jordan Cup for the 2016-2017 season, and the Green Giant was able to confirm his superiority again and defeat his competitor with two clean goals, signed by his Brazilian professional, Francisco.

Al-Wahdat meets Shabab Al-Urdun in the Jordan Cup final

The fourth meeting between them was held in the semi-finals of the 2017-2018 edition, and Al-Wahdat decided the match with a single goal, signed by its defender Mohamed Al-Basha.

The two teams will meet tomorrow, Sunday, in the semi-finals, for the fifth time in the Jordan Cup, where the advantage tends to favor Al-Wahdat, especially since Jordan’s youth are suffering in terms of tools, as they rely on young elements and their ranks are devoid of foreign professionals.

Supremacy of authority…and meeting an orphan

And he met Al-Hussein Irbid Al-Salt has been in the Jordan Cup once, and tomorrow’s confrontation will be the second that brings them together since the tournament was first launched in 1980.

The first meeting between the two teams was in the 2021 edition and in the semi-finals as well, and that day Al-Salt won with two clean goals scored by Cameroonian Ronald Wanga and Zaid Jamal Abu Abed.

The meeting between the two teams will be renewed in the Jordan Cup for the second time tomorrow, Sunday. Will Al-Salt succeed in confirming its superiority, or will Hussein Irbid have a different opinion?

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