European Cup numbers… Own goals top the scene

The evening of Wednesday, June 19, 2024, witnessed special football excitement at the start of the second round of the group stage of the European Cup.Euro 2024“, which is hosted in Germany’s stadiums, where it recorded remarkable numbers and statistics.

Croatia’s national team’s hopes of achieving an important victory in the Euro 2024 tournament faltered, after falling into the trap of a 2-2 draw against Albania, while it achieved Germany national team A comfortable victory over Hungary by two goals to none, and Scotland tied with Switzerland 1-1.

The site offers “win win“A comprehensive presentation of the most prominent numbers and statistics that distinguished the matches of the second round of the group stage of the Euro 2024 Championship, which began today, Wednesday.

The phenomenon of own goals dominates Euro 2024

The UEFA Euro 2024 competitions witnessed a remarkable phenomenon represented by 5 own goals scored until the end of the first day of the second round of the tournament.

Antonio Rudiger scored by mistake during Germany’s match against Scotland, while Austrian Maximilian Fauber scored France’s only winning goal against his country.

Ruben Hranac, the Czech national team player, accidentally put the ball into his own net during the match against Portugal, and Albania national team player Klaus Gasola gave the Croats the lead before the same player returned and scored for his country after that.

In the last match of the first day of the start of the second round of Euro 2024, Swiss Fabian Schar accidentally scored against the Scotland national team.

Only 3 players have scored on their birthday in the European Cup

Among the hundreds of stars who decorated the stadiums of the European Cup throughout its ancient history, 3 players had their names engraved in golden letters because they were the only ones who had the honor of scoring a goal on their birthday, and they are:

Frenchman Jean-François Domergue in 1984, Dutchman Wesley Sneijder, and Croatian star Andrej Kramaric joined this list in the 2024 edition, scoring an exceptional goal on his birthday and becoming the third player to achieve this achievement.

The curse of the beginning haunts Croatia

Faces Croatia national team Difficulties at the start of the European Nations Cup, as he failed to win in his first two matches for the second time in a row in the Euro 2024 tournament after the 2020 edition.

The Croatian national team sought to compensate for its first loss by achieving a positive result in the second round, and it actually succeeded in doing so by tying with Albania with two goals for each team.

Giacola enters Euro history with a record

Long live Klaus Giasola, national team player AlbaniaA very exciting experience in his match against Croatia, after he scored an own goal by mistake in the 76th minute, before the same player succeeded in scoring an equalizer for Albania in the fifth minute of stoppage time.

Albanian Klaus Giyasola became the first substitute in the history of the European Championship to come off the bench and score an own goal and another against the opponent.

A strong return for Germany that brings back memories of 2012

The German national team made a strong start during the Euro 2024 competitions by winning the first two matches, an achievement that had not been achieved since Euro 2012.

Germany became the first to officially qualify for the round of 16 of the European Nations Championship after defeating… Hungarian national team 2-0.

A goalscoring fest that adds excitement to Euro 2024

The European Cup 2024 witnessed a new historical achievement, represented by 37 different goals scored by 37 different players.

This number is considered a precedent that has not occurred in the history of the tournament since its inception in 1960, as it reflects the tremendous diversity in scoring capabilities and the effectiveness of attackers from the various participating teams.

German scoring prowess in the European Cup

Germany made history by becoming the second team to score seven goals in its first two matches in the European Championship, after the Netherlands, which had previously achieved this feat in the 2008 European Championship.

Germany national team fans

This achievement is a testament to the tremendous attacking power of the German national team, which includes many talented strikers such as Niklas Volkrug, Jamal Musiala and Kai Havertz.

Jamal Musiala writes his name in history

Young German star Jamal Musiala achieved a historic achievement in the European Championship 2024, as he became the second youngest player to score in his first two matches in the tournament.

At the age of 21 years and 114 days, Musiala scored a goal against Scotland in the opening match of the tournament, then added another goal against Hungary in the second match. Musiala’s achievement comes behind Hungarian Ferenc Benny, who had scored in his first two matches in the 1964 European Championship at the age of 19 years and 186 days.

A historic achievement for Kroos that brings him closer to that of Xavi

Toni Kroos produced an exceptional performance in the match between Germany and Hungary, where he completed 124 successful passes, recording the second highest number of passes by a midfielder in the history of the European Championship.

Kroos’ achievement is behind only Barcelona legend Xavi Hernandez, who passed 127 balls in one match against the Republic of Ireland in 2012.

Shaqiri is the king of major tournaments

He succeeded Swiss star Xherdan Shaqiri achieved an unprecedented historical achievement, becoming the first player to score at least a goal in each of the last six major continental football tournaments.

Shaqiri scored a goal in the 2014 World Cup, a goal in Euro 2016, a goal in the 2018 World Cup, a wonderful hat-trick in Euro 2020, and a final goal in Euro 2024.

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