European Cup numbers…miraculous records and immortal names

European Cup numbers are one of the most attractive elements for fans of statistics for major tournaments, especially their size.euro“, whose seventeenth edition this summer will – as usual – be a stage for excitement and a source of enjoyment.

This edition, which is hosted by Germany from June 14 to July 14, is expected to follow the path of its predecessors, which were filled with extraordinary records and established in its archive great stars who wrote glorious pages in golden letters and indelible memories in a book. Competition.

In the next reading, we would like to put my followers”win win“At the heart of the most notable exceptional achievements, individually and collectively, of the ancient tournament, which was born in 1960 in France.

European Cup numbers… “The Machines” are awaiting two huge achievements

Prepare Germany national teama difficult and very prominent number among the European Cup numbers, not only because of the magnificence of its name and the eloquence of its history, but also because of its impressive numbers in the competition, which no one can match.History of those who won the European Nations Cup

Throughout history, the “Manschaft” has had a monopoly on its own exceptions. It is the most participating in the tournament, as the sun has not set on 13 complete editions out of 16 tournaments, that is, since 1972 (not counting the 2024 edition), and it is the only one that has been able to qualify for three consecutive finals. (1972, 76 and 80). He also played the most matches (49 matches), achieved the most victories (26 wins), scored the most goals (72 goals), reached the final (6 occasions) and reached the semi-finals (9 times).

Aside from being the most to win the Euro title, shared with Spain, with three titles (1972, 80, and 96), the European Cup records registered in the name of the Germans are still missing a single achievement, and if achieved, coach Julian Nagelsmann’s men will kill two birds with one stone.

The two birds in question are, firstly, breaking the jinx by winning the title on their home soil and in front of their fans, which they failed to do when they hosted the event for the first time in 1988, when they left in the semi-finals at the hands of the Netherlands (1-2). As for the second bird, it is related to breaking up the partnership with “La Roja”. “At the top of the pyramid of crowned ones.

The unique Fouts and the exceptional Deschamps

The European Cup’s numbers and its long history bear witness to many achievements by coaches, but we will only suffice with the two most prominent achievements, which are a unique achievement by the German Berti Vogts, and a unique number by the Frenchman. Didier Deschamps The current coach of the “Roosters” national team.

Despite the overwhelming reputation of German coaches in the tournament, as they are the only ones to have won four titles (3 with Germany, through Helmut Schoen, Jupp Derwaal, and Berti Vogts, and 1 with Greece, thanks to Otto Rehhagel), Vogts is unique in being the only one in the history of the competition to have won the title on two occasions. The first as a player in 1972, and the second as a coach in 1996.

Germany is preparing to host the UEFA European Football Championship 2024 winwin

As for Deschamps, he monopolizes another distinguished record, as he participated in the tournament with the most matches in 20 matches, as a player in 1992, 1996 and 2000 and as a coach in 2016. The “Tricolor” coach also shares another exception with the Italian legend Dino Zoff, as they participated in the final most as players. (Deschamps in 2000 and Zoff in 1968) and two coaches (Deschamps in 2016 and Zoff in 2000).

Between Ronaldo and Platini… a fierce war and a fair division

It is not possible to discuss the European Cup numbers or delve into record statistics, without invoking the name of the living Portuguese legend. Cristiano Ronaldowho will be a candidate – despite reaching the age of 39 – to basically update his “terrifying” numbers, as the “Madeira Rocket” is the top scorer in the competition with 14 goals, which he recorded in 5 different versions, and he is also the most participating (25 matches), and the most present according to the number of minutes. (2063 minutes) from his first tournament in 2004 to his last in 2020.All Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals in the Euro so far

Despite taking the top scorers’ lead from the French legend Michel PlatiniHowever, the struggle between “The Don” and the former president of “UEFA” did not end “without losses”, as Platini excelled by monopolizing the privilege of having the most scorers in one edition (9 goals in 5 matches in 1984), and he is also the most, fastest and highest scoring player. For a hat-trick (trick) in one tournament, he is also the only player to score two consecutive hat-tricks in one edition (Euro 1984).

With each of them winning a round in the “fierce” scorers’ war between them, it can be said that Ronaldo and Platini’s struggle on the Euro carpet has so far resulted in a fair division, unless the Saudi Al-Nasr star decides to perform a crazy feat in German stadiums.

A tour through the vast expanse of contradictions

It remains difficult to limit all the European Cup numbers in a single article, and therefore we have chosen for you below an additional set of distinctive statistics, which highlight unique aspects of the tournament’s history:

Portuguese national team stars Ronaldo and Pepe

Spain is the only team that was able to win two consecutive titles, and that was in the 2008 and 2012 editions.

– The most confrontation that took place in the history of the tournament; It was between Spain and Italy, where they faced each other on 6 different occasions. The most common occurrence in the final was the match between Germany and the Czech Republic, and they faced each other twice (1976 and 1996).

– Spain and Germany are the only two teams that participated in a tournament without suffering any defeat, and this happened on 4 occasions, while Portugal is the most likely to clash with the champion of the competition. This happened on 5 occasions.

Cristiano Ronaldo has the most wins (12), followed by the Spaniards Andres Iniesta and Cesc Fabregas (11).

– Spaniard Iker Casillas has become the only goalkeeper to win the Euro title twice in a row as captain, while his Italian colleague, Gianluigi Buffon, has the most participation as captain of his country (13 matches).

Russian Dmitry Kirichenko scored the fastest goal in the history of the tournament, coming just 67 seconds into his country’s match against Greece in Euro 2004.Swiss Johan Vonlanten is the youngest to score a goal in the competition, and that was against France in Euro 2004 at the age of 18 years and 141 days, while the oldest scorer was Austrian Ivica Fastek at the age of 38 years and 257 days, against Poland in Euro 2008.

In the Euro final matches, Italian Pietro Anastasi was the youngest player to score a goal at the age of 20 years and 64 days, while German Bernd Holsenbein was the oldest scorer (30 years and 103 days).

German Rainer Bonhof is the only player to have participated in 3 consecutive finals (1972, 76 and 80).

Dutchman Jetro Willems is the youngest player to participate in the Euros (18 years and 71 days), while the oldest is Hungarian Gabor Kiraly, who participated at the age of 40 years and 74 days.

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