Euro Quarter-Finals | Historic obstacle threatens Spain’s train against Germany

Tomorrow, Friday, July 5, the first Euro quarter-final match will be held between the host country, Germany, and Spain at the MHP Arena in Stuttgart.

The confrontation between the Spanish and German teams will be played in the quarter-finals. European Nations Cup 2024 at 19:00 Mecca and Doha time, and it is expected to attract the attention of European and international football fans, given the value and weight of the two teams.

The German and Spanish teams are the most successful in winning the Euro title, having won the title 3 times. The “Mannschaft” won it in 1972, 1980 and 1996, while the “La Roja” team won it in 1964, 2008 and 2012.

Euro quarter-finals.. A historical fact that may stop Spain’s train

Before the quarter-finals of the current edition of the Euro, many experts and specialists believe that Spain national team He is the most likely to win the title, given the good level and the great results he has achieved so far (4 wins in 4 matches), but the “La Roja” team will clash with the host country Germany in the quarter-finals, and there is a historical fact that says that the host country has never been eliminated in the quarter-finals of the European Nations Cup, when it reaches this stage.

The quarter-finals have been adopted in the European Nations Cup since the 1996 edition, and during this edition, the host country, England, succeeded in overcoming Spain in the quarter-finals. During the 2000 edition, the Dutch national team defeated Yugoslavia in the quarter-finals, while the Portuguese national team overcame its English counterpart in the 2004 edition, and the French national team qualified at the expense of Iceland in the 2016 edition, while the 2020 edition was held in 11 different European cities, and its quarter-finals cannot be counted due to the lack of a specific host country.

Portugal vs France match will witness a confrontation between Ronaldo and Mbappe

While the German team is armed with the historical fact that the host country passes the quarter-finals whenever it reaches them, the Spanish team is also armed with the history of its confrontations with the “Mannschaft” in the Euro Championship. The two teams have previously met 3 times in the competition, “La Roja” won two of them, including the final of the 2008 European Nations Cup, while “Spain” excelled. German national team Once.

Four matches will be held in the quarter-finals of the current edition of the Euro, two of which will be played tomorrow, Friday, between Germany against Spain and Portugal against France, while two matches will be held the day after tomorrow, Saturday, between England against Switzerland and Turkey against the Netherlands.

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