Euro 2024 final date, broadcast channels and prizes

Football fans all over the world have been waiting for the long-awaited date for a whole month, which is the date of the Euro 2024 final, which will be the closing scene of one of the best versions of the tournament ever.

The Euro 2024 final will undoubtedly be a big one, and we look forward to one of the classic Old Continent clashes, such as the semi-final clashes between France and Spain and England and the Netherlands.

In the following lines, we will learn about the date of the Euro 2024 final, the broadcasting channels, the prizes, and everything about the final of the current version of the second most important national team tournament after the World Cup.

Euro 2024 Final Date

The Euro 2024 final is next Sunday, July 14, and will be played between the winner of the France-Spain match and the winner of the England-Netherlands match.

Euro 2024 matches schedule until the final, broadcasting channels and ranking

The final whistle for the 2024 European Nations Championship is expected to blow at exactly 10:00 PM Mecca time.

Channels broadcasting the Euro 2024 final

beIN SPORTS is the exclusive broadcaster of UEFA Euro 2024 in the Middle East and North Africa.

The channels broadcasting the Euro 2024 final on the Qatari network will be the Max package with its four channels: “beIN SPORTS MAX HD 1, 2, 3, 4”.

To watch the live broadcast of the final match, you must subscribe to the “TOD” application, which provides all exclusive beIN Sports channels.

How much is the prize money for Euro 2024?

The total prize money for the European Championship is 331 million euros, which is distributed among all participating teams according to the round from which each of them was eliminated.

Each team participating in the Euros receives €9.25 million, and during the group stage each winner receives €1 million, which is distributed equally between the teams of any match that ends in a draw.

Qualifying for the round of 16 means getting 1.5 million euros, and each qualifier for the quarter-finals gets 2.5 million euros, and the prize increases to 4 million euros for reaching the semi-finals.

The grand prize for the 2024 European Nations Championship, which the champion will receive, is 8 million euros, while the runner-up will receive 5 million euros.

Euro 2024 Awards

  • Hero: 8 million euros.
  • The runner-up: 5 million euros.
  • Qualify for the semi-finals: 4 million euros.
  • Qualify for the quarter-finals: 2.5 million euros.
  • Qualify for the last 16: 1.5 million euros.
  • Winning the group stage: 1 million euros.
  • Draw in the group stage: 500 thousand euros.
  • Participation Award: 9.25 million euros.

Which team has won the European Championship the most times in history?

Germany and Spain are the most successful teams in European Championship history, having won the title on 3 previous occasions.

France and Italy have won the title twice, while six teams have won the title once, perhaps the most surprising being Greece in 2004 and Denmark in 1992.

European Championship winning teams throughout history

The team Hero The runner-up
Germany 3 (1972، 1980، 1996) 3 (1976، 1992، 2008)
Spain 3 (1964، 2008، 2012) 1(1984)
Italy 2 (1968، 2020) 2(2000، 2012)
France 2(1984، 2000) 1(2016)
Russia 1(1960) 3(1964، 1972، 1988)
Czech Republic 1(1976) 1(1996)
Portugal 1(2016) 1(2004)
Holland 1(1988)
Denmark 1(1992)
Greece 1(2004)

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