English: Newcastle United signs the talented Libyan Mohamed Hisham Al-Wadani

The young Libyan talent, Mohamed Hisham Al-Wadani, 17 years old, signed his first professional contract in his football career with the English club Newcastle, in order to play with the under-18 team in the next season 2024-25.

Site flag win win From a special source, the Libyan player Mohamed Hisham Al-Wadani, who plays as a right winger, has officially signed with Newcastle United for two years, and the player will have an experience playing with the English club for youth under 18 years.

Great skills for the talented Mohamed Hesham Al-Wadani

The talented Mohamed Hesham Al-Wadani joined the Newcastle United Academy in England more than 7 years ago, during which he learned the basics of football. He is a fast player with good qualities, and is good at set pieces and scoring goals.

The player has amazing skills that qualify him to play for the strongest English clubs, which have recently begun monitoring the talented Libyan Mohamed Hisham Al-Wadani, so Newcastle quickly signed the player.

Young Libyan talents with a bright future in Europe

In another context, European stadiums are witnessing the emergence of many young Libyan talents. In Germany, Maher Darwish shines in the ranks of… Bayern Munich Under 19 years old, he plays as a defender, noting that the young player is of interest to several national federations, as he can represent any of them according to the regulations of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) regarding the naturalization of players.

In France, Martin Adlan, a professional at the French club Annecy in the second division, who previously played for the French national teams in the youth categories, is considered one of the most prominent talents of Libyan origin.

Abdul Hakim Al-Shalmani, President of the Libyan Football Federation

Talented Martin Adlan is one of the targets of Serbian “Micho”, the coach of the Libyan national team, to strengthen his list. He had previously talked about him in a television interview, and expressed his desire to benefit from the services of the 20-year-old player. He also revealed that he had contacted the player to include him in the national team.

In Spain, Haji Bashir Al-Akari, the former Rayo Vallecano striker, is shining with the Moratalas team, where he currently plays. The 16-year-old dreams of playing in the Spanish first division with Real Madrid.

Al-Akari, who is good at playing on the right wing in addition to his position as a striker, hopes to play for the Libyan national team, especially with the presence of Serbian coach Micho, who is interested in young talents playing in Europe.

The player hopes to receive the attention of the Libyan Football Association officials by inviting him to help the Knights of the Mediterranean achieve the Libyans’ dream, which is to qualify for the 2026 World Cup.

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