England national team | Too much spice spoils the recipe

The England national team has had football star moguls over the past decades, some of whom won the Golden Ball, such as striker Michael Owen in 2001, or competed for it, such as Steven Gerrard, who finished among the first 3 candidates on two occasions, in addition to England having the largest and richest football league in the world. It is the English Premier League, and yet the national team failed (The Three Lions) in all major international and regional events.

The England national team has achieved only one title throughout its history, which was the 1966 World Cup, which it hosted on home soil. Other than that, its players have not lifted any trophy, whether in the World Cup or the European Nations Cup.

Too much quality kills

Despite having stars and financial, human and training resources, the England national team has failed time after time, and the reason can be attributed primarily to excessive quality. The more the team has first-class stars in one squad, the less control and cooperation they have as a team.

in European Nations Cup Which starts in a few days, the England national team has 6 players on the list of the 10 most expensive players in the tournament, with clear dominance, such as Jude Bellingham (180 million euros), Phil Foden (150), Bukayo Saka (140), Declan Rice (120), and Harry Kane. (110), in unusual abundance in stars.

In the right wing position there is the brilliant trio of Phil Foden, Saka and Cole Palmer, and coach Southgate will have to include one of them in the squad. If Foden is placed in the playmaker position, this will interfere with the work of Jude Bellingham. This is one of the problems that always faces the accumulation of stars in the England national team.

At right-back, will he play the in-form Kyle Walker or Liverpool’s Alexander-Arnold? There is an idea that has emerged recently, which is to play them together, with Walker in his usual position and Arnold in the midfield. This idea has created a state of controversy and technical instability in the team, especially with the abundance of excellent midfielders, such as James Maddison and Curtis Jones.

This problem has frustrated the Netherlands before. Dutch players are among the best in the world in terms of quality and tactics, but this did not help the Windmills team win any major title in nearly 4 decades, and their efforts were always in vain when it came to team solidarity.

Gerard Volambard Vasculars For example, in the England national team

At the time, the England national team’s midfield was undisputedly the best in Europe at the level of individual names, led by Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Paul Scholes, but the trio did not translate its quality into real achievement on the field, compared to their actual capabilities.

Perhaps the reason is that each of them was captain of his team: Gerrard in Liverpool, Lampard in Chelsea, and Scholes in Manchester United, where a great rivalry broke out between them in English Premier League matches on a regular basis, and each of them was accustomed to the other being his arch rival, not his colleague in the national team.

This competitive outlook between the trio has spread to all the players in general, as the majority of the England national team players are mainly local players in the Premier League, competing fiercely with each other every week in the competition.

Germany is preparing to host the UEFA European Football Championship 2024 winwin

Imagine, for example, the defense line consisting of: left-back Ashley Cole from Arsenal, centre-backs John Terry from Chelsea and Rio Ferdinand from Manchester United, right-back Jaylen Johnson from Liverpool, and behind them Robert Green from West Ham United.

5 players from five clubs in 5 different positions in the same formation in the back line, all of which have intense hostility with each other. Chelsea competes with West Ham in London, Liverpool has endless hostility with Manchester United, and Arsenal has entered into a leadership struggle with them over English football.

Perhaps that point benefited a team like Germany, as Bayern Munich completely dominates the scene, making it the first and most prominent exporter of players to the German national team. 7 or 8 players from Bayern Munich can always be seen in the German national team squad, and you feel as if the Bavarian team is the one playing and not National team.

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