Elneny and Zizo support Egypt’s list in Paris 2024 Olympics

Brazilian Rogerio Micale, the technical director of the Egyptian Olympic team, has decided to include the duo Ahmed Sayed Zizo, the winger of Zamalek, and Mohamed Elneny, the former midfielder of Arsenal, to support his list to participate in the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Mikali struggled to find 3 players over the permitted age (over 23 years old), in light of the refusal of foreign and Arab clubs to give up professional Egyptian players, and Al-Ahly also refused to allow Mohamed Abdel-Moneim and Imam Ashour to participate in the Olympics.

Only over age duo supports Egypt list

Rogerio Micale was satisfied with adding Zizo AndElneny Only, to join the list of 16 players to participate in the Olympics. The club association rejected a proposal to postpone the league championship in order to allow the players to join the national team list Egyptian OlympicMeanwhile, Al-Ahly and Pyramids agreed to allow their players Ahmed Nabil Koka, Karim El-Dabbas, Hamza Alaa, Ibrahim Adel and Mahmoud Saber to participate in the Olympics.

The final list of the Egyptian Olympic team to participate in the Olympics is expected to be announced on Thursday evening.

Who will join the Egyptian Olympic team from the elderly?

The competition regulations give each team the right to call up 18 players, including 3 players over the permitted age, i.e. born before January 1, 2001, in addition to 4 reserve players. However, it is not mandatory to call up 3 players over the permitted age in the list of the team participating in the competition.

The Egyptian team was in Group 3 at the Paris Olympics, along with the teams of Spain, the Dominican Republic and Uzbekistan.

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