El Clasico may be held for the first time outside Spain, with FIFA’s blessing

The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) is studyingFIFA) Allowing local leagues to hold their matches abroad, which opens the door for the largest European championships, such as the English Premier League and the Spanish League, to play matches in America, the Gulf countries and Asia, most notably El Clasico.

The International Federation agreed on Wednesday, May 16, to form a working group with members ranging between 10 and 15 people to study the idea and provide recommendations. The English and Spanish leagues, which have a global popular base, have long proposed the idea of ​​holding matches abroad.

El Clasico may be played outside Spain

The new FIFA working group will “collect additional information and make recommendations to the Council regarding possible amendments to the FIFA regulations related to international matches,” according to the international organization’s statement.

The council, FIFA’s decision-making body, said the team would study ten aspects of hosting matches abroad. These include the impact on fans, the balance of competition, whether matches are a one-off or recurring event, as well as the impact on football.

The most prominent European clubs regularly play friendly matches around the world before the start of the new season in a preparatory period, such as the confrontation between Tottenham and Newcastle in Melbourne next Wednesday, only three days after the end of the English Premier League season.

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In recent years, official matches have been held in secondary competitions, such as the Spanish and Italian Super Cups, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, while the French Champions Cup is regularly held abroad, but local tournaments, including the El Clásico match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​are still subject to FIFA regulations.

American broadcast networks, in particular, are keen to benefit from the popularity of the English Premier League, by seeking to host its official matches. For its part, the Spanish League said:Liga) It intends to hold matches in North America starting in 2025.

Until now, heated confrontations, such as Real Madrid-Barcelona in El Clásico in La Liga, or Manchester City-Arsenal, are still unlikely to be held abroad, according to FIFA regulations that stipulate that they must be held in the country of the tournament in question.

In 2008, plans to hold the 39th Premier League match abroad were dropped, after opposition from fan groups, FIFA and UEFA, but a legal challenge in the United States last month prompted FIFA to reconsider its objection.

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