Egyptian Nassef Sawiris opens fire on the English Premier League

Fatah is an Egyptian businessman and club owner Aston Villa The Englishman, Nassef Sawiris, launched a sharp attack on the English Premier League due to its current spending policy.

Sawiris is the owner of the largest share of shares in Aston Villa, when he acquired 55% of it in 2018, which was one of the most prominent reasons for the team’s return to competing for the top ranks again.

Nassef Sawiris criticizes the Premier League rules

Sawiris – the richest man in the Arab Republic of Egypt – criticized this policy that he follows Premier League Regarding the rules of profit and sustainability, in an interview with the newspaper “Financial TimesHe also confirmed that it harms the sport of football.

Nassef Sawiris attacks the Premier League’s policy

“Some of the rules actually did more to entrench the status quo than to create upward movement and fluidity in the sport,” Sawiris said. He added: “The rules are illogical and not in the interest of football.”

The Egyptian businessman continued: “Managing a sports team has become more like being a treasurer or instead of looking at what your team needs, it is more about making paper profits, not real profits. It has become a financial game, not a sports game.”

This attack comes after the English Premier League rejected Aston Villa’s proposal to raise the maximum allowable losses from the current amount estimated at 105 million pounds sterling to 135 million pounds sterling, at the annual general meeting of the tournament, which was held last week.

In addition, Nassef Sawiris indicated that he is considering taking legal action against the association due to what he described as “anti-competitive” rules, and will seek advice for this.

Trial cap for English clubs

It is worth noting that both Everton and Nottingham Forest were subjected to a penalty of deducting points from their total points last season due to violating the sustainability rules and exceeding the permissible loss limit, which prompted the clubs to accept a proposal to set a new experimental spending limit.

Aston Villa is at risk of receiving a similar penalty in the future as well, as its loss in the last set of financial accounts amounted to 119.6 million pounds sterling, compared to a marginal profit of 300 thousand pounds sterling in the last 12 months, in addition to the high rate of spending on the salaries of employees and club workers, which is Similar situation for Nottingham Forest and Everton.

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