Editing Mohamed Salah and a new idea for Nasser Maher in the Egyptian national team

Egypt’s national team’s streak of consecutive victories stopped in… 2026 World Cup qualifiers With 3 wins and a draw against Guinea Bissau in the fourth round of qualifiers.

The Egyptian national team raised its score to 10 points at the top of the first group, and the Guinea-Bissau national team reached 6 points in second place, 4 points behind the Pharaohs.

Mama Balde scored the goal to put Guinea-Bissau ahead, while Mohamed Salah equalized for the Egyptian national team, to strengthen Liverpool star He is the all-time top scorer for the Egyptian national team in the World Cup qualifiers, with 16 goals.

The match was within the reach of the Egyptian team and they were able to win and go a long way to securing the promotion ticket. The Guinea-Bissau team only created a chance for the goal, which came with a strange and random defensive error, while the Egypt team wasted no less than 3 realized chances.

Edited by Mohamed Salah

The Egyptian national team abandoned the 3-5-2 method with which it started the previous match with Burkina Faso, as it started the match against Guinea Bissau and ended the match with Burkina in a 4-4-2 method.

In the second half, the system changed to 4-2-3-1, but the most notable change was in shifting Ahmed Sayed Zizo to play as a right-back after the departure of Mohamed Hani and the entry of Imam Ashour.

Imam Ashour played as player number 10 with Hamdi Fathi and Marwan Attia in the circle, and Mohamed Salah played in the position he preferred on the right, and here the first star of the Pharaohs was released.

Zizou appeared in a distinctive way because his strength was also on the flank and not deep in the middle of the field, even if he was a full-back. He helped Mohamed Salah a lot because Guinea-Bissau did not have offensive fangs, so he used to run a lot and send his crosses, which he executed perfectly.

The goal scored by Mohamed Salah is a trademark of his most important skill, which is penetrating from the right to the inside and exploiting his good left foot to shoot into the far corner. Zizou’s runs also made Salah find spaces between the full-back and the defender in the Guinea-Bissau national team.

Mohamed Salah suffered during the Rui Vitoria period in playing in attacking depth, which negatively affected him. But Salah’s strength lies at the end, and the same applies to Ahmed Sayed Zizou.

4 players made a mistake in Guinea Bissau’s goal

Guinea-Bissau’s goal was a slap in the face to 4 players from the Egyptian national team at once, with a mistake that did not come from the quality of the players.

The game started near the Guinea national team’s goal, and the player set off alone and in front of him were at least 3 players from the Egyptian national team, without them succeeding in stopping him legitimately or even committing a tactical violation.

In this goal, defender Mohamed Abdel Moneim’s slowness in rebounding is clearly evident, as he never appeared in this game until the end.

Left-back Mohamed Hamdi was able to stand and put the Guinea-Bissau player in the offside trap, but he decided to continue the game with him even though the physical struggle was in favor of the opponent, and in the end the mistake came from Rami Rabia.

Nasser Maher is a new idea

As we mentioned, the Egyptian national team played in a 4-2-3-1 system with Imam Ashour as player number 10, and this position is the one that befits a player like Nasser Maher, who demonstrated great quality in a few minutes and gave the Egyptian national team an offensive outlet.

In the last breath of the match, Nasser Maher created an opportunity to score for Mohamed Salah that could have given the Egyptian national team full points, but Salah handled it poorly, which confirms that Nasser Maher’s presence early could have added more than that.

Nasser Maher is good at using his body. He has skill and speed in a player-on-player situation and has vision in through passes, as he does with Zamalek this season. If Hossam Hassan decides to continue this way, Nasser Maher is the best option in the number 10 position.

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