Disrespectful.. Czech player attacks Cristiano Ronaldo

Thomas Holz, the Czech national team player, seemed angry at the way Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese national team star, celebrated during the match between the two teams in the first round of the group stage. European Nations Cup 2024.

Last Tuesday, the Portuguese national team was able to achieve a difficult and difficult victory (2-1) against its Czech counterpart, in the first round of the sixth group of Euro 2024.

The “Brazil Europe” team was trailing in the score by one goal, but then adjusted and then scored the winning goal in the minute (90 + 2), through Francisco Conceicao, the Porto player.

The Czech player is angry with Cristiano Ronaldo because of the way he celebrated

Holz, a player for the Czech club Slavia Prague, seemed angry and dissatisfied with the way Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of the Portuguese national team, celebrated after Conceição scored the second goal for “Brazil Europe” against the Czech Republic. “The Don” went to goalkeeper Gendrej Stanek and celebrated in front of him in a provocative manner.

The Czech player said about Ronaldo’s celebration in statements reported by the newspaper, “AbolaPortuguese: “We talked about that (the way of celebrating). There was not as much respect as we imagined. I think it was a difficult match for him as well. When they managed to turn the score around in that way, I understand the wave of emotions that Ronaldo had.”

Holz then confirmed that he had achieved his dream of playing against…Madeira missile“, saying: “I can say that he has a lot of experience. He was always hiding behind my back, which was somewhat annoying. He did not score, and playing against Ronaldo was like a dream come true.”

Talk about a conspiracy against Cristiano Ronaldo within the Portugal national team

The Czech player then described the atmosphere inside his country’s national team after the loss to Portugal, and said: “We went to bed late because we could not sleep. It was a wonderful match, full of emotions and adrenaline, and the end was very bitter, to the point that I only slept for about five hours.” .

It is worth noting that Cristiano Ronaldo, after participating as a starter in his country’s national team match Portugal Against the Czech Republic, he became the first player to participate in 6 editions of the European Nations Cup, and the Saudi Al-Nassr club star is preparing, tomorrow, Saturday, to play the second match with “European Brazil” against Turkey in Euro 2024.

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