Dispelling fears.. Beaumelle confirms Belaili’s readiness for the Algerian Cup final

The technical director of Mouloudia Algiers, Patrice Amir Beaumelle, dispelled the fears of the club’s fans 48 hours before the final. Algeria CupRegarding the physical condition of the team’s star, Youssef Belaili, who suffered a shoulder injury that raised doubts about his readiness to participate in the final match, or to affect his performance in the decisive match for the Algerian club with overwhelming popularity.

The club faces Mouloudia of Algiers His counterpart Chabab BelouizdadOn Friday, July 5, in the 57th edition of the Algerian Cup competition at the historic July 5 Stadium, he is looking forward to winning his ninth title in this competition, and obtaining the local double, after he was crowned with the Algerian Professional League title a few weeks ago.

Blaili from yesterday’s training

And it was Mouloudia star He suffered a shoulder injury during the last match of the Algerian League, on June 14, against Mouloudia Oran (3-2), which raised doubts among the club’s fans about his ability to perform to his full potential in the Algerian Cup final, as he is the one who is counting on to lead the team to the second title this season.

Beaumelle reassures Mouloudia fans about Belaili

The French coach of Mouloudia d’Alger, Patrice Beaumelle, was keen to reassure the team’s fans about Belaili’s readiness, and said during the press conference introducing the final, today, Wednesday, July 3: “It is true that Belaili suffered a shoulder injury that he sustained during the Algerian League match against Mouloudia d’Oran.”

He continued: “Currently, Youssef Belaili is ready and fully fit to participate in the Algerian Cup final,” before highlighting the role of the club’s medical staff in the rapid recovery of the Algerian national team star, and confirmed: “The team’s medical staff made a tremendous effort to restore Youssef Belaili’s services, after he remained for a relatively long period under treatment.”

Many observers believe, and amidst widespread conviction among the fans of Mouloudia of Algiers, that Youssef Belaili is the team’s sole star and the architect of Mouloudia’s achievements this season. That is why they feared his absence from the team in the final against Chabab Belouizdad. He was the one behind Mouloudia’s return – by consensus of analysts – to the podium of awards, most notably the Algerian League title.

The 32-year-old star made a great impression with Mouloudia Club of Algiers during the 2023-24 season, leading it to win the Algerian League title for the first time in 14 years. This season, he also scored 16 goals and provided 14 assists in 25 matches he played with Mouloudia in various competitions.

Beaumelle: The final against Chabab Belouizdad will be historic

Boumel admitted that the final against Chabab Belouizdad will be historic and exceptional by all standards, considering that Mouloudia and Chabab will face each other for the first time in this stage, in addition to it being held on a historic date for all Algerians, which is the celebration of Independence Day. He stressed: “The final match is certainly difficult, but our goal was always to win the championship and cup titles.”

Regarding his team’s preparations for the final, he explained: “Since the match that decided the league title against the Algerian club, the Union of Algiers, we have followed a rotation policy, which allowed me to get to know the levels and readiness of all the players.” He added: “We focused on the recovery factor and prepared a special preparatory program for the final match.”

Group photo of Mouloudia Club of Algiers

The former Ivory Coast coach spoke about his opponent in the final: “We have previously faced Chabab Belouizdad in two matches in the Algerian Professional League, but the Cup final has a special flavour,” he continued: “Chabab Belouizdad is one of the strongest Algerian clubs, and has dominated the local competition over the past years. We have outperformed them in the league, and we will seek to confirm that in the Cup competition.”

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