Difficult confrontations await us in the Asian qualifiers

Spanish coach Jesus Casas confirmed The Iraqi national teamThe upcoming matches of the decisive Asian qualifiers for the World Cup will be very difficult.

The Iraqi national team succeeded in strengthening its lead in the fifth group of the Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup, after defeating its Indonesian counterpart with two unanswered goals, today, Thursday.

Casas said in the press conference held after the match: “Today’s confrontation against Indonesia was difficult and different for us after the end of the first half through the changes we made that enabled us to win and snatch points in the match, and the red card helped us impose control over the match, but we are “The second half we played better than the opponent, regardless of the Indonesian team’s numerical deficiency, and in the end we won and played a good match.”

Casas added: “Our desire is always that with every match we play with high pressure on our opponents, but their reading of the match was good in the first half, and this is what made the match difficult for us and made us not play the way we prefer.”

Casas warns of the difficulty of the decisive stage of the Asian qualifiers

And between Casas “The next stage of the Asian qualifiers for the World Cup will be difficult and different because it will include high-level teams, such as Japan, Korea, Iran and other teams aspiring to qualify. Certainly, our dream will be to qualify and we will do our best for that. If that is not achieved, we will continue working in the qualifiers that will be achieved,” he added. “Followed by it.”

Casas explained, saying: “The Indonesian team is the most likely to secure the second qualification ticket alongside us, because it has good elements, and its level is increasing from one match to another, and their next confrontation against the Philippines, I believe, will be decided in their favor.”

Casas continued: “I am very excited to see the Iraqi fans in Basra. I expect them to support us as usual. In turn, we are looking forward to achieving a victory over Vietnam in order to please the fans first and also to obtain more points in the hope of improving our position in the FIFA rankings.”

Iraq beat Indonesia outside its homeland

By defeating Indonesia, the Iraqi team reached the 15th point, strengthening its lead in Group Six, while Indonesia’s balance stopped at the seventh point in the runner-up standings.

The Iraqi national team will play its next match against Vietnam next Tuesday in the sixth and final round of the double Asian qualifiers, qualifying for the decisive round of the qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup finals.

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