Did Zizou’s level with Zamalek decrease after winning the Confederation Cup?

With Zamalek, Ahmed Sayed Zizou is the most prominent trump card and the offensive weapon that has always made the difference for the White Knight, especially with the departure of a number of influential players in the attacking third, such as Ashraf Bin Sharqi, Imam Ashour, Mustafa Mohamed, and others.

As of the time of writing this topic, Zizou has played more than 225 matches with Zamalek, scoring 74 goals and making 61 assists since his arrival to the team in January 2019, during which time he won 8 titles, the last of which was his victory in the Confederation of Nations this season for the second time.

The 28-year-old Egyptian international player scored 11 goals and made 7 others this season in 27 matches in various tournaments, and he could have increased his goal tally had it not been for the controversial decision of the match referee. the White knight Yesterday, Al-Masry did not confirm that his ball crossed the final line of the goal.

Zizou, the “specialist,” kicked a penalty kick that hit the crossbar and landed inside Al-Masry’s goal, in a game that witnessed widespread controversy, especially with a number of Al-Masry players entering the penalty area before the kick was executed.

Zizou with Zamalek…a clear imprint on the Confederation title

Zizou contributed clearly to Zamalek’s victory in the Confederation Cup, as he assisted both of Zamalek’s goals in the two-legged matches against Nahdet Berkane, but the question remains: Did Zizou’s level with Zamalek decrease after this coronation?

Zizou’s numbers with Zamalek before the Confederation was crowned and after the coronation (last 4 matches)

Before winning the Confederation, Zizou played 4 matches (two matches in the National Bank and Smouha league) and two matches in the Confederation final (Nahdet Berkane), in which he succeeded in scoring a goal from a penalty kick and making two goals against Nahdet Berkane in the final. He also created 7 chances and had a shot on goal.

At the level of bilateral confrontations during that period, Zizou won 21 duels out of 35 duels in which he entered, with a success rate of 60%, while he sent 5 successful crosses.

In terms of possession, Zizou won it 20 times and lost it 106 times, while the accuracy of his passes reached 82% in 4 matches before winning the Confederation in Egypt.

What happened with Zizou with Zamalek in the last 4 matches?

There was a clear decline in Zizou’s level after the coronation in the Confederation, regardless of the penalty kick yesterday. He did not succeed in creating any goal or scoring, nor did he succeed in shooting at the opponents’ goal, and no cross ball reached him.

Zizou’s chances decreased in the last 4 matches (Modern Future, Al-Ittihad, Ceramica, Al-Masry) at a rate of chance compared to before, and his winning rate in duels decreased (41% from 60%), as he succeeded in 15 duels out of 37 matches in which he entered. .

Ahmed Sayed Zizo, Zamalek player (Getty Images)

The number of times Zizou succeeded in gaining possession in the last matches decreased by 8 balls (from 20 to 12).

The aspects in which Ahmed Sayed Zizou improved in the last 4 matches were in his loss of possession. He lost possession of the ball in the last 4 matches 71 times, compared to 106 times before the Confederation was crowned.

The accuracy of passes has also increased Egyptian national team player In the last 4 matches, it reached 85%, compared to an accuracy of 82% in the last 4 matches before winning the Confederation.

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