Did Toni Kroos deliberately injure Pedri in the Euro 2024 quarter-finals?

Spain lost its star Pedri after he suffered a serious injury during the match against Germany in the quarter-finals of the tournament. Euro 2024following a violent intervention by German midfielder Toni Kroos.

Barcelona star Pedri was subjected to a violent tackle from a player real madrid The referee did not show any penalty card following this intervention, which sparked widespread controversy, as Pedri left the field to receive treatment, and then returned, but was unable to complete the match, leaving in the (8) minute, leaving his place to his colleague Dani Olmo.

Toni Kroos under the microscope: Did he really want to injure Pedri and destroy Spain’s dream?

Pedri’s early injury in the match raised concerns. Germany Spain has been the subject of controversy over Kroos’s deliberate infliction of injury. Many fans and experts have considered Kroos’ intervention to be extremely violent and deliberate, especially after the Spaniard’s statements before the match in which he indicated that he “does not fear Kroos and hopes this will be his last match in the Euros.”

The tension in the match increased significantly with the repeated violent interventions by Kroos. He committed four serious fouls on Spanish players during the first minutes of the first half, without referee Anthony Taylor taking any disciplinary action, which sparked widespread anger among the Spanish fans and their technical staff.

Although the cameras captured Kroos apologizing to Pedri, anger prevailed among the Spanish fans, who expressed their rejection of this apology via social media platforms.

Catalan newspapers attack Toni Kroos over Pedri

For its part, the Catalan newspapers launched a sharp attack on the German star, Kroos, after he caused the injury of the star Barcelona Pedri during the match between the two teams.

Antonio Rudiger, Germany defender participating in Euro 2024

The injury to young Barcelona star Pedri has sparked outrage in Spain, especially in Catalonia, after the newspaper Sport accused Toni Kroos of deliberately causing the injury, with its stark headline “Kroos kills Pedri.”

The controversial headlines in the Catalan newspapers were not limited to Sport only, but were also joined by Mundo Deportivo, which also headlined “Kroos kills Pedri.”

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