Did the Ultras show their value during the match between Egypt and Burkina Faso?

The Egyptian national team defeated its guest, Muntakhab Burkina Faso With two goals to one, they take an additional step towards qualifying for the 2026 World Cup finals, which will be held in North American stadiums, specifically in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

The Egyptian national team raised its score to 9 points, achieving the full score, 4 points ahead of its pursuers, Guinea Bissau, and 5 points ahead of Burkina Faso.

The Egyptians opened the match in the perfect way by scoring Mahmoud Trezeguet Two goals in the first ten minutes; But the result remained the same until the end of the first half, despite the Pharaohs’ advantage. The Burkinabés took advantage of the situation and scored a goal to close the gap in the second half. But Hossam Hassan’s team emerged victorious in the end.

A problem with the cheering that accompanied Egypt’s match against Burkina Faso

The match witnessed a large crowd in attendance at Cairo Stadium. But what is noticeable is the absence of any kind of encouraging organization.

For nearly 90 minutes, the Egyptian fans seemed as if they did not have a single collective chant, and their interaction was only when a goal was scored, or at most when dangerous opportunities were missed, which disappeared after approximately halfway through the first half, thus disappearing any real crowd interaction with them.

From Mahmoud Hassan's celebration "Trezeguet" With one of his goals in the match between Egypt and Burkina Faso

The phenomenon is not new today, as even the simple chants that the Egyptian masses chanted for many years are almost no longer present.

Although they were sometimes subjected to justifiable criticism due to the monotony of their support with some complex songs, the Egypt match today demonstrated the value of what the ultras groups do in Egyptian club matches.

Chants such as “There are black curva, black fans” by Zamalek fans, or “A great team, a great team” by Al-Ahly fans, or “Oh, the most precious name in existence, Dervishes” arouse enthusiasm among the fans who came to the match without guidance and need someone to lead them to encourage them and make them not wait for the interactive event from… An attack or goal. Rather, you create it by raising the level of encouragement, arousing the enthusiasm of the players, and instilling fear in the opponent.

In the absence of those cheers, he showed up Cairo stadium Without a real strong role to make a difference during the match, and the fans were left without clear leadership, the cheerleading chaos was evident.

Can we see the Ultras playing a role in the upcoming Egyptian national team matches? The possibility of this may seem remote; But what is certain is that their absence had a clear impact tonight.

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