Did Messi benefit from the random organization of the Copa America Championship?

Football fans are anticipating the start of the 2024 Copa America Championship, scheduled to be held in the United States of America, during the period between June 20 and July 14, with the participation of 16 teams, which Lionel Messi’s companions will compete in with the ambition of defending their title.

Highlights from the participating teams Argentina national teamLed by its star Lionel Messi, who has previously won the Ballon d’Or as the best player in the world 8 times.

Messi enjoyed an exceptional career in football, but he did not know the taste of great success at the international level until 3 years ago, when he led the Argentine national team to win the 2021 Copa America Championship, before winning his most expensive title ever, when he and the “Albiceleste” team won the Cup. The World “Qatar 2022”.

Messi dreams of winning his second Copa America title

And he dreams Flea By winning the Copa America title for the second time in its history, after the 2021 edition. Overall, the 2024 tournament will bear the number 7 in the history of the player nicknamed “The Flea”’s participation in the continental competition.

Lionel Messi, star of the American club Inter Miami (Getty) One One winwin

Observers point out that Messi had many opportunities to participate in the Copa America (5 times), before winning the title in his historic sixth appearance in the tournament, even though the latter is not considered the strongest in the continental team tournaments.

The large number of Messi’s participation in the Copa America Championship is due to the competition being held in a “random” and irregular manner. Although the Argentine star played his first three participations in the tournament in 2007, 2011 and 2015, that is, a time difference of 4 years between each edition and the next, the scheduling of the competitions has become unclear in recent years.

Messi participated in the Copa America for the fourth time in 2016, that is, one year after the 2015 edition was held, then a new edition was held in 2019, and then in 2021. Currently, the gaming world is preparing to hold the 2024 edition.

It can truly be said that Messi has benefited from the multiple Copa America editions in recent years; He repeated the attempts one after the other, until the continental cup smiled at the legend of the Argentine national team.

Why do Ronaldo fans complain about the irregularity of the Copa America?

Compared to Messi’s historical rival, Cristiano RonaldoWe find that the latter is two years older than the Argentine, and began his international career earlier than him, but the reality is that the former Barcelona star played in more Cuban tournaments than Ronaldo participated in the European Nations Cup (Euro) tournaments.

Ronaldo has played in 5 European Nations Cup finals so far (2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020), and was crowned champion in 2016 in France.

Ronaldo’s fans often point out that there is a great advantage that Messi gained, as a result of his representation of the Argentine national team, which competes in many Copa America tournaments, and his chances appear to be greater in competing for the title of the competition, compared to Cristiano’s situation with the Portuguese national team. The Euro Championship is held regularly (once every 4 years), while the European competitions are more powerful. With many teams always nominated for the title.

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