Did Carlo Ancelotti conduct tests on Kylian Mbappe before joining?

The Spanish club, Real Madrid, announced today, Monday, the official inclusion of French star Kylian Mbappe to its ranks, after years of continuous attempts by the royal club.

The deal was completed for free after the French star’s contract with the club expired ParisianMbappe recently removed the description of the Paris Saint-Germain striker from his Instagram account.

French striker He left his mark on a very distinguished career with Paris Saint-Germain, as he wore his shirt in more than 200 matches, including 178 matches in the French League, in which he scored 162 goals, approximately one goal in each match.

The club did not reveal royalist Regarding the details, except that Mbappe will play with the team for 5 seasons, but according to reports, the French star will wear the number 9 shirt with Real Madrid for one season until Luka Modric’s contract with Real Madrid expires at the end of next season, and then he will wear his favorite number 10, which is The same scenario happened to Cristiano Ronaldo, who wore the No. 9 shirt for one season before Raul Gonzalez left the Merengue ranks, and then the Portuguese star wore his favorite No. 7 shirt.

Where will Kylian Mbappe play?

A very logical question amid this large amount of talent that is full of Real Madrid’s offensive line, some of which are already stable, as is the case with Vinicius Junior and Rodrigo, as well as Jude Bellingham, who can be considered within this line, as well as players looking for a major opportunity, as is the case with Ibrahim. Diaz and after him Arda Guler, or even those who may accept secondary roles such as Joselu, not to mention those who will not wait long to immerse themselves in the real competition for a starting position, as is the case with the Brazilian coming from Palmeiras, Endric.

All possibilities are open, whether with Mbappe participating on the left or right or as a spearhead, and with a coach like Carlo Ancelotti who has very genius solved the problem of the lack of a world-class spearhead by relying on developing the role of Jude Bellingham and Vinicius Junior, the Italian veteran may not surprise us with something unusual from him. Maybe he will find a way other than the one everyone is thinking of.

But there are signs of one of the solutions that we saw from Ancelotti in the matches of the last two months of the season. In a dramatic shift in the arrangement of the attacking line players, the man who won the Champions League five times resorted to a new solution.

Ancelotti included Rodrigo on the left side to bring Vinicius Junior deeper, while installing the same role as Jude Bellingham – even if he was affected by this move by Finney – while leaving the right front to Dani Carvajal with smart runs from Federico Valverde.

Mbappe instead of Rodrigo on the left?

This was not a permanent option; But it was one of the available options that Carlito used. It is certain that Rodrigo did not excel at playing this role in an optimal way. It is true that he finds his comfort in the left corridor while receiving, entering deep and shooting. However, he excelled in this role without there being anyone playing in Vinicius’ new position, and this proficiency was particularly when he came as a substitute for Vinny’s absence and not when Be the last one on the field.

Mbappe does not like to play as a striker, and the former Milan coach is known to like to play players in their preferred positions. He even went so far as to ask Tshwamini where he prefers to play in the heart of defense, whether on the right or left, but we also cannot ignore that. Ancelotti is one of the coaches capable of convincing players to change their roles and sacrifice for him.

Because the Frenchman does not like to play in this position, fielding him on the left wing means that Ancelotti will resort to the same idea as Rodrigo with Vinny recently, because it is crazy to think in any way that Vinicius will be sent to the right wing, where he will lose many of his abilities, and with them he will lose… So much for his spirit and confidence, and with it, he will feel marginalized in favor of Mbappe.

Perhaps Ancelotti has actually resorted to these experiments in the past two months in order to repeat the same scenario, but the question that imposes itself is whether Mbappe can be good in this way with Vinicius being so close to him in the space that the French star will always seek to move towards?

Most affected?

Well, the matter is clear.. If Mbappé participates as a spearhead; This matter may seriously threaten Jude Bellingham, as the secret of his great proficiency is in the space he seeks in front of and inside the penalty area. Indeed, with Ancelotti replacing Rodrygo and inserting Vinicius in the depths, it was possible to notice a decline in Bellingham’s level somewhat and his inability to find the same situation that It was necessary in the first half of the season, and then he may be returned to the midfield taking advantage of Toni Kroos’ retirement and the difficulty of relying on Modric as a starter, or Ancelotti may make a difficult and unexpected decision not to rely on him sometimes.

How did Florentino Perez dictate his conditions to Kylian Mbappe to join Real Madrid?  Winwin winwin

However, if Mbappe plays in any position other than the spearhead, which is expected, Rodrigo will be the big victim of this matter. In theory, Mbappe is good at everything the Brazilian does in the same places he is likely to play, while there will be marginal victims such as Ibrahim Diaz, who will retreat. Relying on him more, as for Guler and Endrik, of course, they will fight for non-essential opportunities unless they shine in their few minutes and increase the pressure on Carlito, who if you ask him about all these dilemmas, he will tell you that it is a delicious dilemma to have all these talented players.

It remains to point out that it is in no way possible to judge Mbappe’s early experience with a completely different league and a different team, and it is enough to remember that in Kaká and Ronaldo’s first matches with Real Madrid, the Brazilian was the shining one between them!

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