Determining the date of the last and decisive round in the Jordanian League

Announce Jordanian Football AssociationToday, Tuesday, the schedule of matches for the twenty-second and final round of the Jordanian Professional League, for the 2023-2024 season.

A team meets Units With its rival, Shabab Al-Aqaba, at seven in the evening next Friday, at “Petra” Stadium, and at the same time, Ramtha will visit Al-Jalil at “Al-Hassan Stadium.”

Four matches will be held at eight in the evening next Saturday, as Mughir Al-Sarhan will meet Al-Salt at the “Petra” Stadium, Al-Ahly will meet with Ma’an at the “Salt” Stadium, Sahab will meet Al-Hussein at the “Prince Muhammad” Stadium, and Al-Faisaly will face Shabab Jordan at the Amman International Stadium. .

It is noteworthy that the Jordanian Federation determined the stadiums for the matches between Sahab and Al-Hussein, Al-Faisaly and Shabab Al-Urdun, through a lottery, in the presence of representatives of the clubs.

Accounts for deciding the Jordanian League title

Yesterday, the calculations for deciding the title were postponed after Al-Faisaly, the second-placed team, defeated its leading competitor, Al-Hussein Irbid, with a valuable goal scored by Baraa Maree.

An exciting conflict witnessed at the top of the Jordanian League between Al-Faisaly and Al-Hussein (Facebook/ Jo.ProFootball) Winwin

Al-Hussein’s team needs to win over Sahab by any result to guarantee the crowning of the Jordanian Professional League title for the first time in its history, while the lack of victory implicates it in other calculations, in light of the pursuit of Al-Faisaly, which is in second place, with a difference of two points.

On the other hand, the Galilee team was relegated to the ranks of the first division clubs for next season, while the other relegation card was limited to the teams of Mughir Al-Sarhan, Sahab and Al-Ahly.

Al-Hussein team leads the team standings with 56 points, ahead of Al-Faisaly (54), followed by Al-Wehdat (45), then Ramtha (32), followed by Al-Salt (28), then Shabab Al-Aqaba (25), followed by Ma’an (23), then Shabab Al-Urdun (23). 22), followed by Al-Ahly (20), then Sahab, followed by Mughir Al-Sarhan (18) for both of them, and finally Al-Jalil (12) at the bottom of the ranking.

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